At Some Point, You’ve Burned Enough Money

“Now, what we’re doing, I want to be clear, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” President Barack Obama

To hear a condescending moral lecture from the likes of Barack Obama is to know the fire of rage as it burns through my veins and capillaries. It’s amazingly audacious for someone who has blown the doors off the US Treasury and grown the government by at least 16,000 IRS Agents and a bloated HHS bureaucracy to tell other people they should cut back. It repulses the average person to stare in awe, at the sheer legislative brigandage, that was the Stimulus Package of 2009 and to listen to this pathetically self-justifying bilge.

Having Barack Obama tell us to be less covetous and make do with less rankles like William “The Refrigerator” Perry cutting ads for Jenny Craig. The man has spent $4 Trillion in less than two Fiscal Years. His personal earnings were greater than $5.5M. I’ll try not choke on the class envy.

The hypocrisy aside, I can grant the man an oblique point. At some point we all have made enough money. As a philosophical abstraction, if I were sitting around the campfire with a brewski, and some guy who had as much chance of being elected POTUS as Yours Truly, this sort of a commentary is fine. As merely the harmless bromide of the frustrated Lumpenproletariat, I’ll play along and comment about what a (redacted)-hole Donald Trump happens to be. It’s a whole different ball of wax when it comes from a person with the power to actually do something about it.

I just think I should be the one doing the deciding of when I’ve made enough scratch. This is yet another thing that scares me about this current regime. They seem to think they are smart and moral enough to tell me what my consumption frontiers are and that I should thank them for not begrudging my indulgences out to those limits. I must be some crazy nut for not thinking Barack I is both generous and swell. Could you imagine subinfuedation under someone who wasn’t such a sweet and amicable fellow?

That question brings us back to the problem. It reminds me of why this cocksure, arrogant assumption of moral superiority makes me so detest the people who wield power right now in Washington, DC. We live in a Representative Democracy. Those who govern the nation are not to be deemed infallible. Those who govern the nation are to maintain the functions of state, not direct the minute details of the lives of the people.

I have a whole lot more business questioning the towering mountain of money His Highness has spent than he does questioning the amount of money, that I, Lloyd Blankfein or even The Odious Donald earns in Tax Year 2010. But no, we have a President who claims to know how much of a salary I can make before it stops being “fair” or “equitable.” And that’s when the man stops being lovable and cuddly.

When a President gets into codifying what “fair” means or what “equitable” is, hope dies and change turns into tyranny. In a free society, with an open market economy, the political leadership has no morally decent roll in setting any private employee’s wages. The government tells me how much I get paid, but only because I voluntarily decided to work for them as a civil servant.

People who apply for, accept and continue with employment at Morgan Stanley or Exxon or Papa Bear’s Food Mart do not work for Barack Obama. They work for Morgan, X, or Papa Bear. M, X or PB should be the ones drawing up the wage scales within those hallowed institutions; not our currently elected quadrennial mistake.

Our nation elects a President; not anybody who should claim to be Dominus et Deus. Our nation suffers repeated tragedy that our primary process does such a poor job of testing perspective candidates for arrogance and hubris.

It not only rankles that Barack Obama feels entitled to tell me where my salary maxes out, whether I work for the Dorkmeister or not, but that he takes and redistributes $4Tr of the national wealth with so little effective return. If Goldman Sachs can’t be trusted because their mortgage derivatives lost value, why would anyone trust the US Treasury with more treasure in light of the current trajectory of the US Dollar?

Maybe, before our Feckless Leader caps our salaries with some brilliantly intellectual “reform,” he should figure out how in the (decency edit) we will be able to afford the gas to drive to our places of employment. Perhaps he’d like to justify what the government has done to make itself worthy of the $800Bil in stimulus funds they were entrusted with managing and disbursing. But actually offering a justification is way more difficult than pontificating down upon the masses from on high. Ruling is fun, it sucks to actually roll up the sleeves and intelligently govern.

And I know these people he spoke of make $100Mil a year or more. I get that and sometimes envy them the fancy meals and the lavish existence. But then again, I’m not hurting anywhere near as much as many in Huntsville, Al. Once the Evil Gold Sachs have shared, there are an awful lot of people who are going to think its only “fair” that maybe KOTM/RMJ gets to experience “the joy of giving” as well.

Next, after me on the pecking order, are a lot of very hardworking and honorable business people. They live near me in decent enough spreads, and work like demons to keep them current and paid for. But 8% of the people in my area don’t have that opportunity. They lack jobs and their families live on assistance. Wouldn’t just be “fair” to take a little from the businessman. After all; you always get back when you give.

So where does this class envy crap ever end? It doesn’t. Not while intelligent and resource people still have a pot left to piss in. In the end this hateful class envy ends in slavery. Slavery not to The Mighty Ozymandias and his Pyramids of yore, but slavery instead, to the basest impulses of the least amongst our society.

The hard-earned gains of the productive citizenry get confiscated based on “fairness” and given instead to a slug-like mob of mediocrities. A governing class of patricians hand them out as sportulary to an idiot mob of perma-supporters, with the drive, intellect and ability of the typical rotifer.

Thus, despite my partisan disgust at Jamie Diman, and my envy-driven hatred of Donald Trump, I rise to defend them against any limit to how much they should make. Today they cap The Donald, tomorrow they gakk me. After me, the faux-populist bastichas come for the good, stout yeomen who were hired to pave my driveway.

So where does the fake and cancerous rot that is populism ever end? It ends in one of the few, depressing things that James Howard Kuntsler and George W. Bush have ever agreed on. Namely, “The sucker could go down.”

Thus, the engines of government-driven populist brigandage threaten the true engines of economic growth and renewal. The question of the day shouldn’t be “How large of a Wall Street salary is too obscene?” The question de jour, regarding obscenity, should be instead “How much money is it decent for our governing class to pile up, set alight and burn?”