Explain To Me Again Why I’m Supposed to Feel Sorry For Bart Stupak.

Nobody likes living through that early, painful Bushmills-soaked morning after. It doesn’t matter why you drank the Bushmills – career failure, relationships, etc. You’ve hit bottom, broken a coccyx and aren’t really sure you care what happens next. You’d just like the whole darn thing, whatever that particular disaster may be, to just unwind and stop.

Such was the fatalistic defeatism in the words of Bart Stupak when he was interviewed concerning his Pro-Life stance on the Healthcare reform package. As a career-long Democratic legislator, he had helped bring a monster to power that was about to devour something he actually cared about. I’m supposed to somehow buy the Pro-Life Movement’s newfound respect for Congressman Stupak. But, as much as I agree with eliminating abortions of convenience, I just can’t get all misty over Bart Stupak.

Bart Stupak has inflicted just this sort of liberalism on his constituents and the American People his entire legislative career. It was only when it overdetermined one of his priorities that he described it as “a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Democratic party.” To quote some old, French folk wisdom, Bart Stupak has been hoist upon his own petard.

“If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more. That’s one of the arguments I’ve been hearing,” Stupak says. “Money is their hang-up. Is this how we now value life in America? If money is the issue — come on, we can find room in the budget. This is life we’re talking about.”(HT: Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Sadly, Congressman Stupak, the answer to that question is yes. Life truly is less valuable than money in the eyes of a materialistic philosophy like Post-Modern Socialist Realism. Of course, this isn’t just the money. The Stupak Amendment is inimical to the entire enterprise of modern liberalism. In the eyes of the average modern liberal the man is a burned out Stupakasaurus. Congressman Stupak bores them – when he doesn’t whinge heretical about the Jebbus crap and totally piss them off.

Peter Beinart explains how Stupak came-a-cropper with the very progressive blitzkrieg he spent his productive, adult life helping to unleash on America. Beinart explains that President Barack Obama has reached a decision point on his healthcare proposal. He’s faced with a issue where he can no longer vote present.

Obama has to decided to go all in on the far-left liberalism. Beinart describes the philosophy below.

Obama has chosen Karl Rove’s politics of base mobilization over Dick Morris’s politics of crossover appeal, with consequences not merely for how he campaigns for Democrats in 2010, but for he campaigns for himself in 2012. (HT: The Daily Beast)

Thus, as an old nursery rhyme once suggested, “the time has come my Little Friends to talk of other things…” and for reasons similar to those over which Marat got stabbed in the bathtub, Evan Bayh is pending retirement as a Senator, and Blanche Lincoln will soon be joining him, Bart Stupak is now outside the realm of his former friends and colleagues. This is sad for Bart Stupak, but the blindness that lead him to this Michael Clayton moment in his life is inexcusable for an intelligent, enlightened man. He, like Rielle Hunter, should have known better than to trust a Democrat.

Stupak had no reason to think the Democratic Party would ever consider life more important than individual convenience. Jefferson may have once remarked that his right to swing his arm stopped short of another man’s nose, but TJ would never win a nomination as a Democrat in a post FDR world. The days when the Progressive Movement’s desires for enforced social justice, expanded government and reproductive freedom could be limited by invoking the concerns of the Western Religious tradition are gone along with all modern societal respect for their ethical contributions.

Stupak has reached the existential state that Charles Buckowski described in the final stanzas of his poem “Eyeless Through Space.”

the horns of reason are muted as

the laughter of fools blockades the air;

the champions are dead and

the newly born are smitten;

the jetliners vomit the eyeless

through space;

So, like Rielle Hunter holding the stick from a positive pregnancy test, Bart Stupak gets told that abortion is the easy way out for everyone. No muss, no fuss, no diapers to change. We can all just jet off to The Hamptons instead of having to buy formula for all the rug-rats and yard-monkeys. No wonder Nancy Pelosi says “Thank God” that the Senate version of Obamacare doesn’t have Stupak’s abortion restrictions.

So Stupak has hit his point of decision. He clearly stands diminished as a man of honor and decency if he votes for a bill without his language. He stated a commitment to the belief that unborn children constituted human beings and must see that commitment through. Yet that commitment will end his career as a serious Democrat. He has reached a point in life reminiscent of the final lines of the Buckowski Poem referenced above.

it’s no longer any good sucker

it’s been getting to that right


Yet still I spare Stupak no sympathy. Buckowski has the right of it when he wrote “it’s been getting to that right along.” Congressman Stupak, Parker Griffith, and numerous other Democrats who evince great buyer’s remorse now all know far better than most of us how it’s been getting to that all along.

The Bart Stupak’s in the world have enabled Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to the hilt. They shouldn’t have needed to have the lid ripped off of Hell to see what the entire philosophy they politically supported was leading us to. When Bart Stupak’s soul suffers eternal immolation in Hell I can only recommend he toast a few hot dogs. That’s about as close as I can get to sympathy for a Pay Dawg Democrat who only just now figures out what game is afoot.