Saviors of A Fallen World

From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption. – Albert Gore, Jr. (HT: The American Thinker)

Many aspects of the entire Global Warming power grab and medicine show are enough to make a buzzard puke. The brazen scientific fraud of the IPCC, the financial machinations of it’s director, and the imperialistic surjection of the state over industry and private property all frighten anyone desiring decency. Global Warming hysteria has suborned the corruption of honorable scientific inquiry. It has enriched connivers with risky “green investment” schemes of Bernie Madoff-like provenance. Furthermore, blatantly and deliberately dishonest environmental science has allowed governmental regulators into areas of our lives they have no business controlling, taxing or impeding.

And none of the depredations mentioned above constitute the most deleterious aspect of this entire Global Warming hysteria. The scariest thing would be the goals and the mindset of the people who sincerely believe what Al Gore sanctimoniously peddles. They, like most religious people understand the concept that we live in a world that has fallen. What differentiates them from the decent practitioners of religion, is that they feel personally entitled to overwhelm the affairs and destroy the property and wealth of those who disagree with their belief system.

In order to reach this benighted state of faux-theology, they have to view the world in terms of Zoroastrian Dualism. There are the good and righteous beings like Ahura Mazda, Obi Wan, and Ed Begley, Jr. – Guru of the Ecologically Sustainable Lifestyle.

These people must sacrifice to redeem the world from the sinners and save us by defeating the evil ones. Like any cheesy pseudo-religion from an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game, there must be antagonists. The Global Warming Cult functions no differently.

In Hollywood terms, Angra Mainyu made Ahura Mazda. Lacking a philosophical justification or proof to define righteousness in a vacuum, the Zoroastrians invented Angra to be the destroyer of worlds. Ahura Mazda prevented this defilement and thereby attained righteousness through this apposition. If Angra didn’t exist, Mazda would have been scuffling for dimes.

We see this primitive cosmology repeated in the modern environmental movement. A significant political and social movement holds modern society to be evil. These individuals condemn the economics, class system and social organization of Western Democracies as exploitive, impersonal and destructive to all that is decent.

These individuals used to believe in competing socioeconomic systems as a potential solution to the backwards and iniquitous world they had been sadly born into. They used to have the CCCP to root for at the Olympics of Political Economy. They would quote passages from the I Ching and extol Chairman Mao as a “Jeffersonian Reformer.” (The American who actually said this worked for The US Department of State. You would think Hillary Clinton was running the place or something.)

Yet the Soviet Union went by the wayside and China came to understand that Maoism would never feed their population. The worldly manifestations of alternatives to the evils of Western Democracy fell into failure. This left the alienated haters of the society they lived in to find new outlets for their implacable antipathy.

The accusation that Western industrial production led to Global Warming that would change the climate and destroy all of mankind gave them voice. It was the crack cocaine of the antinomian hater of modern America. As a bonus, Senator McCarthy would never successfully organize a witch-hunt for people who loudly believed in clean air.

Thus, the movement to save the world from Global Warming became the premier outlet and cover for the undying frustrations of people who truly wanted to destroy The United States of America’s economy and social organization. The true believers wrote a catechism of “settled science” and pledged fealty to a Nobel Prize-winning deity – AlGore Mazda.

Business, wealthy people, and consumerism all became the nefarious tools of the deracinated and wicked Darth Chaney. People who failed to see the unfolding disaster were ‘denialists’ who deliberately clung to their ignorance to wallow in their sybaritic consumerist pleasure. Like Cypher Reagan, they were happy to stay plugged in their matrix of easy sin and palatable damnation.

This fed nicely into the desire of political mavens to reacquire a level of power over the individual that governmental leaders had been deliberately stripped of in the US Constitution. Carbon permits handed out by Congressional fiat would become the new tool of subinfuedation. If any farmer or industrialist wanted to continue operation in some Congressional Perk-Baron’s district, they would have to behave reasonably when that Congressman came collecting donations.

By declaring Carbon-Dioxide a regulated industrial pollutant, the EPA could regulate the output of this substance by imposing artificial scarcity. Factories lack the fine art of combustion without releasing this chemical. Humans have yet to master the art of carbon-free respiration.

The President, as Divine Right Monarch, now assumes the power to control what gets burned. Quite literally, the President now has regulatory veto power over every single manufacturing operation within the territorial United States. So much for that whole stupid “pursuit of happiness” garbage. That pursuit will not begin until the President fires the starter’s pistol.

Thus, the detestable civic religion of Environmental Extremism threatens to deprive American citizens of their property, rights and livelihood. It serves to empower a class of political mobster that seeks our eternal subinfuedation. Those who hate America practice the Environmental religion to save a fallen world from the United States of America. One of the defining challenges of modern Conservatives is to save our great nation from both environmental degradation AND the myopic, hate-spewing zealots who sanctimoniously claim to protect the environment.