The Fallacy of “There Is No Difference”

I imagine I’m young again. I’m playing a hand of Demon Poker against the Boyoes. I’m watching the dead cans of Mr. Brewski get crushed against foreheads. The pots get bigger and the players more inebriated. I start to hone in on how these opponents react to their cards. I’m looking for what the really good poker players call a tell.

There is a contractor who works in my office who just offered up a tell indicating how badly off the Democrats think they are in the run up to Election 2010. This guy supports our Hercules-like efforts to waste money on Lean Six-Sigma projects. As a bonus, he spouts factually-challenged DNC talking points all day long in the cubicle right next to mine.

It seems Mr. Left Six-Sigma and fellow comrades at the barricades of our glorious social revolution hear the Gingrich-like cavalry off in the distance. Essentially every word out his mouth these days is based on the riff that Republicans are no different than Democrats.

In between spouting his pathetic blather about how Lee Atwater invented negative campaigning, this guy kept on saying “Republicans are no different.” This man’s knowledge of history astounded me. I was totally unaware Lee Atwater used to work for the Democrats. As the inventor of negative campaign advertising, he apparantly wrote Lyndon Johnson’s infamous “Daisy” ad.

Yet the fact that this man is so utterly factually challenged should not come as a surprise. He supports the same party that nominated the male role model for Eric Seagal’s treacle-tale of a novel Love Story to run for President. Someone should have been thoughtful enough to send Left Six-Sigma a few more IQ points in one of his Valentine’s Day Cards. Then he could qualify for his black belt in Lenin’s Useful Idiocy.

He did peak my interest- once my desire for harmonious workplace co-existence had trumped my desire to start a phlegm and bile war over the cubical wall. It was his continued insistence that Republicans would vote the same way as Democrats once they got into office.

It had become a mantra to him. The sort of thing you say repetitively in complete and utter absence of any logical facts to support your side of the argument. I came to realize he was just one step short of arguing we should give Barack Obama a Democratic Congress because the President won a Nobel Propaganda Prize.

So why would he want me, his discussion partner, and everyone else in Madison, Alabama to think Democrats and Republicans were no different? It was as close as he could come to admitting that Democrats totally sucked this time out and essentially have reneged on all of their campaign promises.

He, and every other brainless Obama-zombie who grew up watching MTV and sucking popsicles, need a new rhetorical tack. They have gone from Hope and Change™ to Republicans Are No Different™ without the slightest change in rhetorical lilt.

The dedicated leftist mind receives about as much ratiocination, as Dracula’s Tomb receives daylight. The man has gone from Hope and Change™, to It’s ALL BUSHES FAULT™, to Republicans Are No Different.™ What amazes me is that he lacks the basic decency to even blush.

It must require talent to lack that much shame. His rhetoric is indicative of the manner in which a dishonest hack admits failure without acknowledging his own culpability. But then again, what else can be expected from somebody who idolizes Barack Obama.

On the one hand, this rhetorical fallacy of no difference is obvious rearguard action. Ask this puke why he personally bothers voting, and he won’t tell you it’s because he likes the cut of that Obama fellow’s jib. (Kudos to Iowahawk). This man will vote his preference passionately.

He wants you to believe no difference exists worthy of notice between the GOP and The Jack-Asses. He would just as happy to get you to believe that Republicans were required to vote on Wednesday. He will do everything in his blessedly limited intellectual power to help the Democrats to victory this year. These are not the actions of some apathetic individual who doesn’t ascertain a choice on Election Day.

On the other hand, the GOP has a moral duty to sharpen the existential differences between itself and The Demoborg. We cannot afford to go Lindsey Graham here and become assimilated. This urgent and vital need for differentiation adds importance to the follow-through activities of The Tea Party Movement. The Precinct Captain Project is how the citizenry can force the GOP to live up to its conservative rhetoric and put lie to the Fallacy of No Differences.

The Primary in Florida for the 2010 Senate race becomes ground zero. Marco Rubio has staked out a set of Conservative positions that would make Joy Behar attempt to fend him off with her talismanic copy of Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book. Charlie Crist has all but hitched his star to the success of Barack Obama’s political career. Charlie Crist is a “Republican” who has hitched his star to the success of Barack Obama’s political career.

If there really is a legitimate delta between GOP2010 and The Demoborg, Rubio must defeat Crist. The corrupt layer of scum atop the Republican political machine must be broken through by principled leaders. America demands this of our party. The GOP must do this, or it deserves to have Ratchet-Jaw Goreons like the banana-groping pseudo-sapient across the cube wall from moi, saying there is no difference between the Republicants and the Demoborg.