Things That Make You Go "[email protected]!!!"

It’s another day. Elanor Clift has once again blogged. Please, pass the Rolaids…

Murtha: A Macho Man Who Helped a Woman Gain Power. Yeah, I guess I have to quote from it. I was masochistic enough to actually bring it up.

John Murtha was Nancy Pelosi’s friend and mentor, and his backing her for leader over Steny Hoyer, a longtime insider player in the Democratic caucus, gave her the street cred she needed to win as the first woman to hold that high a position in what was an old boys’ club. A gruff former combat Marine officer, Murtha provided political cover for Pelosi and other left-wing Democrats in their opposition to the Iraq War.

Behold! The throbbing pects of Murtha! Okey-Dokey. That’s more than enough! My gastro-intestinal system can withstand no more.

So John Murtha gave us Speaker Pelosi. I guess it could have been worse. He could have introduced a new unkillable form of the AIDS virus into our drinking water. Perhaps his support of America’s worst House Speaker Ever will put him over the top as one of America’s worst legislators ever.

His backing of Pelosi, along with a string of earmarks that nearly had me convinced that The Prophet Muhammad was right about pork products centuries ago, will be enough to convince that part of PA that friends don’t let friends vote for Democrats.