Americans Are Governable. Progressives Are In Serious Denial.

When Gregory Rodriguez wrote his column for today’s edition of The LA Times, he did one thing exceptionally well. He put the bottom line right up front.

Let me get straight to the point: Americans’ profound distrust of government is neurotic — irrational, defensive and born of emotional trauma.

Thus I’ll follow his example and get right after a point of my own. Gregory Rodriguez was eloquent but profoundly and detrimentally wrong. Americans trust government when that government runs effectively and governs with honor. Neither of those things are happening at present, and the people demand condign redress –for logical reasons that in no way constitute a neurosis.

Rodriguez thinks that the problems many have with our current state of government relate to our emotions and our psychological make-up as a people. He may be right that the Tea-Party Protests get emotional and he may even be accurate that Glen Back and Mark Levin have a tendency to go Full-Metal-Postal when they are situated within hollering distance of a microphone. Yet Rodriguez badly errs when he claims these people feel anger for no logical reason.

What makes Americans deeply mistrustful of our current government is the sense that we signed on to a Social Contract. We as citizens pony up at tax time, in courts of law and at the negative extreme, on hellish foreign battlefields to further the policy objectives of our duly elected leadership. In return for that, we expect to be governed in an honorable, wise and decent fashion.

When a large number of people feel that the government is dishonest, dishonorable or unwise, then Mark Levin’s ratings are going to go through the roof. Levin may not seem logical or likeable to the likes of Gregory Rodriguez, but when his book is a runaway bestseller and his radio show can sell some very expensive add time, people are finding Levin more logical than Rodriguez. They feel as if their government is in breach of the implicit social contract that exists in any decent society.

The Federal Government of The United States acted logically when they outlawed fraud, waste and abuse by the Civil Service under the same body of regulation. They did so because all three actions lead to the same thing – underperformance in the interest of the governed citizenry. An act of fraud involves a premeditated dishonest action by a public official. An act of waste involves careless or profligate expenditure of resources. A deliberate action to circumvent the intent of a law is abuse. They all three lead to inexcusable failure, and all three characterize the current regime of Washington, DC leftists.

We see fraud running rampant in both our economic record keeping and in our governmental support of scientific inquiry. The deliberate fraud in our economic statistics has become so profound that we only admit publically to 59% of our current rate of unemployment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently claimed that unemployment had declined to 9.7% of the American workforce. Zerohedge.com puts lie to the bureaucratic mendacity below.

Yet a number that avoids some of the constant fudging by the BLS, the Non-Seasonally Adjusted number, hit a new recent record: instead of 9.7%, this number was 10.6%, a 0.9% increase from December! The same can be seen in the U-6 data. NSA U-6 is now at a record 18%, even as the seasonally adjusted number declined to 16.5%. (HT: Tyler Durden)

We see waste and unaccountability in how our stimulus funds were apportioned. The Congress and The White House promised an economic recovery plan that would prevent unemployment from getting any higher than 8.8% (BlS numbers). To accomplish this laudable goal; they allocated about $800B from the treasury to be spent.

Rodriguez, for some bizarre reason, finds it pathological that we get upset over these funds being spent on the Chula Vista Dog Walk. He also thinks we overdo the angst when stimulus dollars get allocated to non-existent zip codes.

….it now appears more than $375 million in federal stimulus funds were sent to and credited with creating jobs in ZIP codes that do not exist in all but 12 of the nation’s states. According to a national study of the Recovery.gov website compiled by Kansas Watchdog reporter Earl Glynn and authored by Bill McMorris, the stimulus is sending $375 million in the form of grants, loans and government contracts to fund more than 200 projects in imaginary ZIP codes. The site also reports the funds created more than 400 jobs at a cost of about $800,000 each. (HT: Say Anything)

Finally, and quite unpleasantly, there is the abuse. On the one hand Dr. Michael Mann remains under investigation for academic dishonesty by Penn State University for his mendacious “Hockey Stick Chart.” He has been accused with falsifying his data, suppressing dissenting scientific opinion, and destroying documentation of work on projects where he received public money to perform his research.

On the other had, even though all these details have emerged, he still enjoys the benefits of nearly $2.5M in economic stimulus. The Wall Street Journal describes this travesty of justice below.

Mr. Mann came by his grants via the National Science Foundation, which received $3 billion in stimulus money. Last June, the foundation approved a $541,184 grant to fund work “Toward Improved Projections of the Climate Response to Anthropogenic Forcing,” which will contribute “to the understanding of abrupt climate change.” Principal investigator? Michael Mann.

He received another grant worth nearly $1.9 million to investigate the role of “environmental temperature on the transmission of vector-borne diseases.” Mr. Mann is listed as a “co-principal investigator” on that project. Both grants say they were “funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

Thus we are inundated by fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer monies by our Federal Government. They do not retract these travesties, they do not attempt to spend more wisely. They vote to up their debt ceiling and shameless bribe their fellow legislators with earmarks to approve the next bunko scheme. But according to The Wise and Venerable Gregory Rodriguez, you have a deep-seated need for head-shrinking if you protest this untenable behavior.

I repeat. Americans are governable. Americans just expect their government to govern on behalf of the national commonweal. When the government does not do so – we get angry. In this case anger is logical and a rational reaction to odious environmental stimuli. It’s Mr. Rodriguez’s curious case of denial that may require clinical evaluation and treatment.