Congressman John Conyers Proves That This Congress Needs An Enema!

I appreciate what John Conyers adds to America’s national debate. He speaks openly, without thought to even his own reputation, about the things that burden his vastly futile mind. We learn from Congressman Conyers, without filter and without distraction, exactly what American Leftists truly believe and what the American Leftist truly is as a human being.

Thus, I find it difficult to take Congressman Conyers seriously some days without finding myself in sympathy with Mickey Spillane’s fictional pulp detective Mike Hammer. Hammer once remarked.

‘I killed more people tonight than I have fingers on my hand. I shot them in cold blood and enjoyed every minute of it. I pumped slugs in the nastiest bunch of (expletive-deleted)s you ever saw and here I am calmer than I’ve ever been, and happy too. They were Communists, Lee. They were red (decency edit)s who should have died long ago…” (HT: Patrick J. Lambe)

At the root of my intense disgust with John Conyers lies some tragic recent history in The Western Hemisphere. Disaster had struck the impoverished Island nation of Haiti. An earthquake rocked The City of Port Au Prince, and leveled its buildings. The corpses were burned so that they wouldn’t rot in the streets. Misery abounded and the living suffered malnutrition and sickness.

Given the proximity of Haiti to the United States and given the horror of the tragic situation, the US did what we always do in this sort of situation. We did the best we could with what we had to help ameliorate the pain and suffering.

The effort came in for criticism from many different sources. The French felt we weren’t being quite humane enough to the population of a former French slave-trading outpost. It seems the US Military occupied a strategic airport and several aid flights had to wait their turn. This made the nation that inspired Toussaint L’Overture to lead a bloody rebellion accuse us of being imperialistic. Newser.com reported details below.

The global relief effort in Haiti has devolved into a nasty power struggle, with countries and aid agencies furious at the US takeover of emergency operations. France, Brazil, which runs the UN peacekeeping operation in Haiti, Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross all lodged complaints after their aid shipments were diverted to the neighboring Dominican Republic so that US military flights could land at Port-au-Prince’s congested airport, where just one runway is operable.

Pillars of the humanitarian community like Hugo Chavez had a field day with this and accused Barack Obama of planning to annex the prime real estate that is modern Haiti. So, despite what I believe were President Obama’s sincere desires to help other people less fortunate then himself, there were issues surrounding how the US military and our aid agencies conducted themselves.

Questions such as these need to be resolved. In our current form of government, these sorts of vile issues are often examined and occasionally resolved in the forum of the Congressional hearing room. The Congressional Black Caucus called an informal hearing to discuss what they felt were shortcomings in how the United States attempted to help the suffering nation of Haiti.

The State Department agency coordinating our generous and condign efforts in Haiti sent a twelve member delegation to brief the Congressional Black Caucus. At this juncture, it is fair to point out the CBC is not an officially recognized committee of The House of Representatives. They have no subpoena power. They hold no formal control over the legislative calendar.

The CBC asked State to send over briefers, the Department of State, as a professional courtesy, sent a fairly well-staffed briefing team over to plus up their knowledge base. In a rational world, heretofore undiscovered by Congressman Conyers, the appropriate reply to this sort of cooperation is something along the lines of “Thanks a lot.”

Regrettably, these State Department members were briefing a party that included the execrable John Conyers. Conyers may not be bothered with actually reading the stuff he votes on, but if you brief the man, he will pay rapt attention – to whether or not your briefing party includes a suitable number of African Americans.

No, he doesn’t worry about the starving masses of Haiti. He can’t muster a suitable level of intellectual curiosity to delve into whether the 82nd Airborne should have nabbed the last functional airstrip not in The Dominican Republic. The entire fate of the struggling Haitian nation hinges on whether enough black people get tasked with briefing Congressman John Conyers. He wrote a letter to Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton to express his deep-seated and fundamental racial bigotry.

Dear Secretary Clinton:

As you know, the 42 member Congressional Black Caucus met with Rajiv Shah, the Administrator of the U.S. AID yesterday to discuss the crisis in Haiti. I was alarmed and chagrined to learn that none of the approximately dozen staff he brought with him were African American. This is so serious an error in judgement that it warrants his immediate demotion to a subordinate position at AID. It is well known that there has long been an under-representation of minorities in key positions within the State Department. I am confident this Administration will immediately begin addressing this problem.

While disaster relief in a foreign country is not a paramount mission of the US government, the manner in which Congressman Conyers went about evaluating the success thereof shows us the vast and despicable lack of concern our elected leadership has for the value of human dignity and life. If Congressman Conyers sincerely believed that either the Us Dept of State or the DoD were out of order for their actions on the ground in Haiti than sending Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Gates an angry missive demanding that subordinates be fired is standard and understandable congressional behavior.

Congressman Conyers reminds me instead of the Synod of Byzantium, arguing over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, while Mahomet II marshaled his Janissaries to burn their city. People died in large numbers in Haiti. The island is coping with a terrible aftermath and will be for the next decade. The possibility exists that the US royally screwed up, while attempting to help these people in their hour of need.

These tradgedies don’t seem to pique his rather limited intellectual curiosity. It works like that with The Aristocracy of Pull which currently infests Versailles Upon the Potomac. If hundreds of thousands of people die, and it’s not their fault, it matters nothing. The questions become “How many of mine are working this disaster? How can I make this crisis useful to the ones I care about?”

If a moral difference exists between the depraved looters crying havoc in the Haitian ruins, and the pompous despicable “leadership” of the Democratic Party in The House of Representatives, I don’t understand what it is. I attribute that moral savagery directly to the fact that John Conyers is Leftist.

In the end, that is what the materialistic philosophy of Post Modern Leftism totally boils down to. How much of the material can I lay my hands on? I’ve upped my standard of living, now up yours! Gordon Gekko may have announced “Greed…, is good!” Yet it took three generations of Post-Modern Leftists to make it the fundamental gravamen of a governing philosophy. As long as men like Conyers hold high office in DC, this Congress needs an enama!