Messes Versus Problems. Blame Versus Solutions.

Debacles come in two delicious flavors. They can be messes, or they can be problems. Problems can be solved; messes just stink and abide. One of the true mark of the outstanding leader is the ability to turn a mess into a solvable problem. Tonight Barack Obama must stop complaining about the mess he inherited, or else he and his Democratic cohorts, become seen as a problem that America can easily solve next November.

This is how I hope and pray Barack Obama will lose the 2010 election for the Democratic Party during tonight’s STFU address to the nation. He has yet to accept responsibility for any of his decisions. As Eric Erickson capably points out, the man claims it’s unprecedented every time he accomplishes anything more significant than a bowel movement. Perhaps the juxtaposition of these two opposites explains the constipated look he seems to have in front of the audiences these days.

It gets back to the difference between a problem and a mess. A mess can either be convenient to a politician or it can be detrimental. If the public trusts that politician, a mess becomes his friend. First, we all know it can’t be solved. Second, we all know it’s someone else’s fault. Keep the trust of the people, and keep that mess around long enough; and it becomes a reelection campaign theme.

Problems are more ornery. When you admit that something is a problem, and you hold the seat of power, guess who owns the futher-mucker? And furthermore, problems have solutions and leaders are duty-bound to identify, sell and execute those solutions. If I, like Barack Obama, basically had no answer to any question other than “How do I get promoted far beyond my individual merits?” I’d rather inherit George W. Bush’s messes – not his problems.

If President Barack Obama has interpreted the results of The Massachusetts Senatorial Election properly, he will have decided to grow up and Execute. That’s what executives do – they execute. No jabber, no teleprompter, no messes, no whining – make like Nike and just do it.

Two minutes into this speech I’ll know whether I can still laugh at him as a human being and a leader, or be forced begrudgingly to accord him the respect each adult is deserving. If he tells us the State of The Union is hurting and dire and that the problems that we have are as follows, I will worry, as a Republican about what happens next in 2010.

Paradoxically, as an American, I will feel hope. Messes get blamed – problems get solved. Messes that abide and continue become reelection platforms, unsolved problems become Tequila Sunrise hangovers. When Barack Obama personally acknowledges a problem, he wants to own it, he intends to knock it out like Mike Tyson would. Maybe, just maybe, America will no longer be unPresidented.

But if he still talks about “the mess he inherited” the way a thirteen-year-old brat gripes about the pile of dirty socks and McDonalds wrappers he just can’t bring himself to clean off the floor, he’s par-boiled. The Democrats who signed on for all that “change you can believe in,” they get to wage visceral Blue-on-Blue combat for the life boats aboard the Andrea Dora. And Harry Reid, as The Sick Puppies would put it, “You’re Going Down!”

But as the Boy President leads our country for three more years, it will remind Washington Redskin fans of why Daniel Snyder is such a wonderful owner. America, like the aforementioned Italian Sea-going vessel, will take on gallons of water until the pointless term of President Obama maunders to it’s Atlas Shrugged-like end.

The Republicans will come to power After Barack Obama’s hubris-intoxicated crash. It will happen because voters abhor a vacuum. Let’s hope our party is principled enough to identify and solve problems instead of inheriting their predecessor’s messes.