Are There Worse Parts of The Current President’s Agenda Than Obamacare and Cap and Trade?

The great at bats get fewer and farther between, but there are those glorious mornings when Peggy Noonan can still send one sailing skyward over the fence. Her powers of observation waxed and her political Kung-Fu stood mighty on December 19th. Her column “The Adam Lambert Problem” should be required reading for anyone wondering why President Barack Obama wants to appoint a militant homosexual as his Safe School Czar. It also explains so eloquently why President Obama breaks faith with American tradition in so-doing.

Noonan recounts a conversation with a social conservative who told her “We don’t really care what you do in New York.” This meant that he wanted a libertarian truce between pop culture figures who trafficked in social pathology and normal, working parents who prefered that their twelve-year olds not learn about the best practices for internal watersport at the public Middle School. The people could do their own thing in “Bobo-land” if they considerate enough to leave it there and not ram it up or down other people’s anatomy.

Noonan expressed this deftly as she surveyed the life-style septic-tank that is 21st Century American Culture. Her analysis follows below.

But increasingly people feel at the mercy of the Adam Lamberts, who of course view themselves, when criticized, as victims of prudery and closed-mindedness. America is not prudish or closed-minded, it is exhausted. It cannot be exaggerated, how much Americans feel besieged by the culture of their own country, and to what lengths they have to go to protect their children from it.

It’s into this demoralized environment that our President introduces Kevin Jennings as his appointment as a “Safe-School Czar”. Jennings has been a homosexual activist for several years. As a member of GLSEN, a gay and lesbian political lobby, he attempted to bring a series of books and materials into the curriculum of several public schools. One example of these books is “Reflections of a Rock Lobster: A Story About Growing up Gay.”

Big Government.com selected a passage from “Refections” as a probative example of what Kevin Jennings hoped our children would learn about in our Czar-Secured Safe Schools. Click away if homoeroticism amongst first graders leads you to nausea.

My sexual exploits with my neighborhood playmates continued. I lived a busy homosexual childhood, somehow managing to avoid venereal disease through all my toddler years. By first grade I was sexually active with many friends. In fact, a small group of us regularly met in the grammar school lavatory to perform fellatio on one another. A typical week’s schedule would be Aaron and Michael on Monday during lunch; Michael and Johnny on Tuesday after school; Fred and Timmy at noon Wednesday; Aaron and Timmy after school on Thursday. None of us ever got caught, but we never worried about it anyway. We all understood that what we were doing was not to be discussed freely with adults but we viewed it as a fun sort of confidential activity. None of us had any guilty feelings about it; we figured everyone did it. Why shouldn’t they?

So I’m left wondering why our President would appoint this hideous creature to infest our schools. I’m sure Michelle Obama doesn’t think having the Adorable Sasha sit in Kevin Jennings’ lap would be a particularly good idea. I can guarun-frikken-tee you that Kevin Jennings won’t make the security arrangements to keep Sidwell Friends a safe school. So why is this monster loosed on the rest of us?

Because our president regards us with a deep and mordant contempt. He doesn’t quite think we’re intelligent enough to be worth hating. Those poor dumb bastiches out in the sticks. They cling to their bibles and their guns and probably still think the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. If they object to having their kids indoctrinated with filth such as that peddled by Kevin Jennings, its because their minds are narrow and small.

Yet still, why impose Kevin Jennings? I don’t deliberately look up atheists and try and ram scripture into heir heads. I hope they find God and will subtly point them in what I think is the right direction, but if they find me offensive, I can take a step back. It comes back to something Michelle Obama said about her husband during his campaign for the Primary Nomination prior to 2008.

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

This obviously runs far beyond the rights I believe should be ascribed to the office of The U. S. Presidency. It’s no more his business what my comforts zones are, that it is my business what his are. In fact, it’s less his business, because I will never make a policy decision that effects his life or his family.

Kevin Jennings is not just “out of my comfort zone.” My objections to widespread 1st Grade oral sex are not some prudish Neo-Victorian hang-up. The man is a repugnant monster. I don’t care what the kids used to say about him because he was gay. If I don’t want this man peddling unmitigated, obscene filth to my little boy at school, I should have an expectation of protection from this hateful individual.

Let less and less often is this actually true. Our hateful and despicable culture assaults us from all sides. It destroys our values, it destroys our decency, it leaves us unable to trust anyone we haven’t known well for about 30 years. If I went home and acted out the lyrics of a typical 50-Cent rap, I’d not only go directly to jail and not collect $200, I’d have it coming to me in spades.

It was at least partially our popular culture that disgusted 21 militant Islamic terrorists to the point where they felt like they’d do the world a favor by attacking the United States on 9-11-2001. I read about Adam Lambert, Kevin Jennings, and here our president tell us that anyone who doesn’t things these guys are top-notch must be a bitter individual that clings to a bible and gun.

If I weren’t born a U.S. citizen, I’d probably find their Jihadist complaints a lot tougher to argue with. The current culture of America leaks out like some infectious sewage spill. Decent and honorable people throughout the world should hate the America represented by Kevin Jennings and Adam Lambert. Our President has no business trying to force us to pay it any homage.

Well, in the end we all have to hold on to something. The cultural septic tank that spawned Adam Lambert and Kevin Jennings quite utterly fails to nourish the soul. I guess I’ll cling to my trusty KJV and hope that “My Two Daddies” never becomes a part of my little boy’s required reading curriculum.