America The Dishonest Earns The Developing World’s Condign Contempt At Copenhagen

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas.

When engaging in negotiation or debate with someone from East Asia, particularly regarding manners of significant consequence, one constant holds invariably true. Whether your interlocutor hails from China, Japan, or Korea, a visible display of anger is a sign of an undisciplined mind. The East Asians harbor no respect for any individual with such undisciplined mind. They certainly won’t brook having to negotiate with one given any plausible means of avoiding the attendant unpleasantness.

Thus, I can only question the legitimacy of our elected President’s Harvard credentials when he sits down to negotiate a critical treaty with The People’s Republic of China, and publically loses his cool. In Copenhagen, President Barack Obama let the pressures of his job dictate his demeanor and lost any vestige of respect the Chinese may have had for him. The Politico details his unimpressive attempts to bully our largest national creditor.

“I have to be honest, as the world watches us… I think our ability to take collective action is doubt and it hangs in the balance,” Obama said. “I believe we can act boldly and decisively in the face of a common threat. That’s why I come here today: Not to talk, but to act.”

“The time for talk is over, this is the bottom line: We can embrace this accord, take a substantial step forward. We can do that and everyone who is in this room will be part of an historic endeavor or we can choose delay,” he said.

He added: “The question is whether we will move forward together, or split apart… We know the fault lines because we’ve been imprisoned by them for years.”

Predictably, Barack Obama’s posturing, grandiose boilerplate is no more honest than the Climate Science produced at East Anglia University or Penn State. To reach the threshold CO2 reduction goal stated in the UN IPCC recommendations, the US would have to reduce our emissions by 4.18% per year for the next decade. To hit the UN IPCC objective target, the US would have to reduce CO2 emissions by 6.3% per year for the next decade.

In the eyes of the Marxian throng, frolicking in the deepening snows of Copenhagen, President Obama speaks quite loudly while carrying a Whiffle Bat. His opening vignette was the offer to reduce US emissions by 1.79% per year over the next decade. Forgive Captain Planet if he views this as The Audacity of Null.

Yet Barack Obama comes to Copenhagen entangled in circumstances not his choosing. He can’t do what he promised after the South Carolina primary. Today is not the day that the rise in the sea levels is reversed. Today is the day that reality takes a old, muddied rugby cleat to the head of the fusion movement between environmental pseudo-science and radical political agitation against property rights and economic liberty.

Barack Obama cannot wave a magic want and abjure CO2 emissions out of existence. He can only reduce them, gradually, over a prolonged time scale. He does this via the conscious decision to regulate against Americans burning as much dead biological matter as they would like to.

This, like even the best possible decisions we can take athwart our dilemmas, comes freighted with unpleasant consequences. Recent economic and environmental statistics suggest that President Obama operates in a trade space. Reduced economic activity will effectively reduce CO2 emissions better than any other panacea put forward to wit.

Regrettably reduced economic activity also reduces the commonweal of the American nation. It throws large portions of our labor pool out of work for prolonged terms of detrimental idleness. The trade off over the last three years has involved a YoY 1% reduction in US CO2 emissions versus a YoY 2% increase in the level of American unemployment. The terms of this unemployemnt appear to run longer than any recent US recession.

Prior attempts by Senators McCain, Lieberman, Boxer and Warner to implement Cap and Trade legislation in the United States have always lost otherwise reliable liberal backing from heavily industrialized states, engaged in primarily coal fired combustion. Fossil fuel combustion drives vast and vital swaths of the industrial economies in China, India and Brazil. If Senator Brown from Ohio won’t do this to his constiuents, don’t expect Lula De Silva to inflict this sort of predatory progressivism on his people either.

These fossil fuel-based CO2 emissions drive developing world economies. So much so that without it, one could argue these nations wouldn’t be able to continue pouring their industrial profits into US T-Bills and fueling Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. If you believe more Keynesian stimulus is just what the doctor would order for the US economy of today, then pray that Chinese coal miners continue to dig. Without that coal, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama could not still afford to bail.

Thus President Obama’s theatrical frustration with China, India and other industrializing nations rings of hypocrisy like a tin roof in a hail storm. Its not just irrational Anti-Yanquiism on the part of these other nations. This sort of agreement would lock these emerging nations into a hungry and demon-filled past. In return for their compliance, the American President offers to engage his own nation in less than half the minimum reduction prescribed as necessary to assuage the hypothetical problems caused by Global Warming.

There should be no surprise that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao boycotted the meeting. China spent decades living under the Marxist-inspired darkness of Mao-Tse Tung. They have emerged as a primary industrial powerhouse.

They have set themselves on a trajectory to have a much freer economy than the United States of America under The Politburo Diktats of the so-called Democratic Party. Expecting the Chinese to play nicely on this would be akin to asking the East Germans to kindly sweep up all those discarded bricks and engage manfully in rebuilding Mr. Gorbachev’s wall.

Make no mistake about it, these binding climate agreements are the real world equivalent to Sauron’s Ring of Power. They are a dream come true to people who listen closely to the lyrics of Imagine by John Lennon and still think Rock musicians offer intelligent political commentary. The true terms of subinfuedation being discussed this week in Copenhagen today follow below.

One Treaty to rule them all, One Treaty to find them,
One Treaty to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

And that darkness will fall like the snows that arrive everywhere Al Gore wants to hold forth on the topic of man-caused Global Warming. That darkness would creep forward every year as more and more factories would no longer have permission to use fossil fuels. It would engulf homes as the owners no longer had monetary means to afford the artificially scarce electricit as an untoward result from the Cap and Trade levies against the Electrical Power Companies.

Thus, in defense of the Capitalist ideology that brought mankind up from the Medieval slums to the pinnacle of our modern age, I can only vociferously root against the government of my own nation. Communist China must defeat the United States of America at the Copenhagen Summit in order for free enterprise to prevail.

As appositional and migraine-causing as all of this seems, hope for a positive outcome remains aloft. The negating posture of the Chinese Premier suggests that perhaps, in keeping with the discrete Occidental manner, he has taken to heart the sage advice of the firebrand Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas. It may well be another decade before the Chinese are ever foolish enough to respect another American president.