The UN - It’s Worse Than a Waste; It’s a Tumor.

It was a boring afternoon and I was heading back to the office after an off-site meeting. Then Rush Limbaugh had to go and say something that made me laugh so hard I nearly totaled the Focus. Col. Kaddafi had spoken at the UN and suggested reopening the entire Warren Commission investigation to find out if the Jews had shot JFK. Limbaugh compared the UN to the cantina scene from Star Wars and I very nearly laughed my way right into the ditch.

Upon further review, as they say on the NFL telecast of my favorite team losing to the Detroit Lions, the ****-up stands as called. The UN really is like the cantina bar in Star Wars, or, as Mark Steyn describes it today, Dog-Feces Ice Cream. Yummy, Mr. Steyn. It’s just that I’ve stopped laughing about the truth of Rush Limbaugh’s remark on this one. The UN is not just a funny boondoggle, it’s a cancer.

Not only is the UN a detriment to world peace, the commonweal and basic decency, but our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, has undergone metastasis into The Sarcoma-In-Chief. He opened his yap, mugged for the cameras and did the most complete job of destroying America’s international credibility since Jimmy Carter spoke of sending Warren Christopher over to beg Ayatollah Khomeini for peace on his knees.

Jonah Goldberg catalogues the typical, nauseating auto-eroticism of the Obama speech.

“For those who question the character and cause of my nation,” the president pronounced Wednesday, “I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.”

Never mind Alexander Hamilton. He lived before Chicago had even been taken over by the Daley Apparatus. It was then that Obama could have just skipped the fancy-talk and said “Ollie, Ollie oxen, free, free, free.”

“No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed,” Obama said. “No balance of power among nations will hold. The traditional divisions between nations of the South and the North make no sense in an interconnected world; nor do alignments of nations rooted in the cleavages of a long-gone Cold War.”

Libyan Despot, Moammar Khadafy, offered a predictable response to President Obama’s flap-gummed, egg-head-ism from the faculty lounge. Which is to say he gave us the best public performance by an utter jerk since Kanye West improvised at a musical awards show.

Khadafy gave us a histrionic rant worthy of the Unabomber. As bad as The Single-Bullet Theory really was, it contains a few more shreds of logic than the Jews shot Kennedy for investigating their nuke plants. Stephen King published The Stand as a work of fiction. Khadafy really believes that Swine Flu leaked airborne from a military laboratory.

The most pathetic thing about the Libyan Dominus et Nutjob’s performance was the part where he called Barack Obama “my son.” In doing so, he didn’t exactly imply that Barack Obama was a particularly promising son. It was as if Khadafy loved him, in spite of the broken prophylactic, but never quite figured out how the kid bull-****ted his way into Harvard.

It was not only condescension, but it was the establishment of a pecking order. Khadafy just weighed President Obama in the balance and laughed all the way back home Tripoli about what he has discovered. Predictably, the rest of the world took notes. Although Barack Obama is too thoroughgoing in his nauseating, self-infatuated state of delusion to see it, the results of his risible failure are plainly evident to the rest of the world.

Iran celebrated the flaccid ineptitude of US diplomacy by test-firing missiles with a range of 2000km. Their Payghambar-e-Azam 4 exercises consist of several days of politically staged operational testing on their new WMD platforms. Iran may not have the payload capacity on their missiles to truly nuke Jerusalem, and their stagecraft will probably undermine the academic probity and honest self-evaluation necessary to effectively perform an operational missile test. However, the poke in the eye, to Resident Obama, hit home. It has forced reaction in the rest of the world.

China will upgrade their hardware display in their 60th Anniversary Celebration of Communist Rule. Beijing will put on what their official Mouth-of-Sauron, the Xinhua news agency, described as follows.

The parade of goose-stepping soldiers, well-rehearsed school children and flowery floats will illustrate the nation’s priorities of modernisation and military strength.

Now that the foolish Americans have elected an over-edumacated version of Gomer Pyle, the Chinese Communists can threaten to nuke everyone they didn’t successfully get their hands on during The Great Leap Forward. President Obama has remarked that one nation cannot effectively dominate another. Perhaps he’d like to visit Beijing, stand arm-in-arm with the Dali Lama and speak that line off his teleprompter as the missile trucks roll towards The Forbidden Palace.

India felt logically concerned about the recent fun and games in Beijing and Tehran. They quietly let it be known, that if they felt so inclined, detonate 200 kilotons of plutonium-yield on anyone not properly respectful of their civilization and national sovereignty. This would put the high end of their arsenal on the same level as that attained by the United States and the former USSR.

In fairness, not all of this came about as a result of Barack Obama going before the United Nations with all the equipoise and command presence of an exasperated Donald Duck. These things just randomly happen with greater alacrity any time the United States willfully brooks the disrespect of tyrants like Khadafy and Ahmadinejad. The United States may or may not want to be the world’s policeman. Like it or not, nobody else could even remotely do as well at wearing the star.

This brings us to the fundamental conundrum implicit with climbing down from the post WWII international frameworks and attempting to undo what Thomas Friedman describes as “The Golden Straight-Jacket.” It makes our nation a lot easier to manage and govern if we are not also the world’s primary donor of soldiers, aid and order for every corner of the globe. However, if we let Pakistan and India work out their own hang-ups, we also have to acknowledge the risk of them working them out in violent, thermo-nuclear fashion.

Then there are the people that will hate us no matter what. Khadafy and Ahmadinejad will only remain paternal and avuncular towards Barack Obama as he hastens to disarm. They hate America, the West and pretty much all non-Islamic Caucasians.

That will not change because Barack Obama won an election. The consequences of giving these people a free hand to cultivate and act upon their malice may involve outcomes that are politely ruled off the list of amenable topics of discussion within the circles Barack Obama moves – and in the hallowed halls of the UN.

By cultivating the likes of Colonel Khadafy and providing him an unearned platform of respect, the United Nations hastens this coming of barbarism. The United Nations enhances the mayhem and misrule of bad actors and malicious mediocrities who would otherwise stew in the acrid juices of their own petty, comic irascibility. By encouraging Khadafy, by abetting Ahmadinejad, by rewarding their barbaric contempt for basic humanity, the UN becomes worse than just a waste. It becomes a breeding-ground for cancer.