Beelzebubba Bears False Witness Against The Bright and Shining Won.

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a man of wealth and taste

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Its official, Ladies and Germs: I’ve gone and done it! Never in my sordid and mediocre life have I fallen any lower. I have blogged the Obama Healthcare plan and I’ve born false witness. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I’ve born false witness. Being that I’m white, Southern, Conservative and strongly opposed to this piece of legislation, I guess that brands me as Beelzebubba.

Yes indeed. Our President has gone to the extremes of extreme on this one. He’s compared opponents of his healthcare bill to people who deliberately “Wee-wee” upon The Decalogue. Salon magazine reports on his comments to a group of clergy.

President Obama used the strongest language out of anyone in the administration, telling a conference call organized by liberal clergy that some opponents of reform “are, frankly, bearing false witness.”

In having gone there, having really attempted to accuse anyone who opposes his socialistic healthcare plan of being a religious sinner, Barack Obama benefits mightily from the soft bigotry of low expectations. Had George W. Bush called opponents of Social Security reform apostate reavers in 2006, we would have been treated to an entire week of WaPo and NYT columns about Elmer Gantry and snake-handling whack-jobs, speaking in tongues.

It’s a shame Barack Hubris Obama gets a pass on this one. He really has gone too far. Even if I were a dedicated atheist, Barack Hubris Obama has gone too far with this one. Invoking the Ninth Commandment against your political enemies, as a method of silencing political speech, works a whole lot better if you don’t lie nearly as frequently as you respire.

The man who announced to the world that he had no intention of running for President in 2008, and that he could no longer abandon Jeremiah Wright than he could abandon his own “typical” white grandmother, might want to bone up on that whole piece of scripture where you take the beam out of your own eye first. We all remember how if we didn’t hurry up and pass the stimulus plan, unemployment could even get as high as 8%.

Then there’s the fact that Barack Hubris Obama totally misappropriated the intent of the scripture. As worded in (Ex. 20:16), “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour,” the commandment has both a narrow and a broader interpretation. Neither of which involves a valid condemnation of people speaking out against a legislative proposal.

The strict interpretation of the Ninth Commandment would involve an injunction not to commit perjury. It’s funny that a prominent Democratic politician would want to touch anything that radioactive. But then again, why would any rational man want to touch Monica either. (Ok, I’ll slap my own wrist for that one.)

So if Former Governor, Sarah Palin, had stood up in a court of law, and said “You bettcha, Your Honor, Barack Obama not only hung around with terrorists, he also helped them score drugs,” them she would probably have violated that interpretation of the Ninth Commandment. With Eric Holder as Attorney General, it could be a good decade before anyone would have the opportunity to violate a verbatim interpretation of the commandment with respect to Barack Hubris Obama.

A more expansive moral interpretation involves a reprehension athwart saying untrue words that damage the reputation of another, in public, or in private. That might apply somewhat to calling an official government rationing board a “Death Panel,” but it would probably also apply equally well to a politician whose closest allies recently called a leading American military officer “General Betray Us.”

Politics, like rugby, is a violent contact sport. Any discussion involving the expenditure on $1Tr, that currently exists nowhere, except on a notional balance sheet, will raise some emotional temperatures. If Barack Obama can’t accept being criticized any better than this, he needs to go change his Marxi-Pads. If he’s really that thin-skinned, the satire can indeed get much, much worse.

Like the Roman Emperor Julian, I am an apostate. Yet, while the sky is overcast this morning, no bolt has streaked down to silence my heresy. This brings me to the crux of why Barack Hubris Obama is stepping in it up to his waist and then yelling at us for not praising his indelible ability to find the best organic fertilizer in town.

For opposing this preposterous, disingenuous fop and his statist agenda, I have been called a racist, a traitor, an idiot, and now I’m going to hell in a bucket (but at least I’m enjoying the ride). What else can he do to me? He’s shot off all his ammo and I’m still a baaaaaddd man!

I can say whatever the heck I want about him and his hateful agenda. He’s broken his Sword of Damocles. There just isn’t much left he can still call me without looking even more ridiculous than he does right now. He’s gone from O to LOL!

But moi……? I’m still Beelzebubba! Muhahahahahahaha!

So if you meet me (whoo whoo)

Have some courtesy (whoo whoo)

Have some sympathy, (whoo whoo) and some taste (whoo whoo)

Use all your well-learned politesse (whoo whoo)

Or I’ll lay your(whoo whoo) soul to waste