Welcome to the Jungle, Rhode Island Has Fun and Games

Welcome to the jungle

We take it day by day

If you want it you’re gonna bleed

But it’s the price you pay

And you’re a very sexy girl

That’s very hard to please

You can taste the bright lights

But you won’t get them for free

Guns-N-Roses, “Welcome to the Jungle”, 1988

It seems The Great State of Rhode Island has problems even more pressing than unemployment and Lincoln Chaffee. For years, they delved into an experiment in “Liberaltarianism” involving the steadily progressive decriminalization of prostitution. It takes the Act Utilitarian postulate of “If it feels good, do it” to a whole new and frightening level. Things are being done to weak and defenseless women that should never occur in a sane and civilized community.

National Review describes the legal conditions prevalent in Rhode Island with respect to prostitution.

Tiny Rhode Island prides itself on its history and charm. But since it decriminalized prostitution in 1980, it has become a haven for something decidedly uncharming: the trafficking of girls and young women into the commercial sex industry.

More explicitly, Rhode Island was sued by a prostitution rights organization and lost. Thus, as long as the whores don’t call out the Johns outdoors, there is no crime against the sale of sexual intercourse in Rhode Island. Pimping and Trafficking can still be prosecuted, and anything that crosses state lines introduces a whole new set of laws to the scenario.

However, the traditionally effective methods of catching prostitution rings are generally stymied without an actual criminal statute against solicitation. Without the solicitation rap, no warrant is issued, no wires can be worn and the reasonably sane and intelligent pimp can just stay indoors during work hours.

The end result of this bill has been predictably tragic. The NRO article referenced above describes the mayhem as escaped convicts and even The Craigslist Killer have gotten their jollies in charming and lovely Providence, Rhode Island.

An obvious Deontological solution for anyone who doesn’t want their daughter to get kidnapped off the streets and chained up in a I-95 brothel would involve well-worded bans on prostitution that effectively render the 1980 court decision facially invalid.
Regrettably, the ideologically rigorous memberships of Rhode Island’s ACLU and NOW are rule utilitarian and feel compelled to elevate ideological gains over fundamental public safety.

Indirectly, in supporting the causes of reproductive rights and individual freedom, they do to exploited and brutalized women in Rhode Island what Iranian Muslim fundamentalists do to women in support of theological doctrine. NRO describes the actions these groups have taken to protect the prostitution industry.

Other groups, such as the Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU and Rhode Island NOW, have opposed passage of a prostitution law for ideological reasons. They support the decriminalization of prostitution and mistakenly believe that good trafficking laws make prostitution laws unnecessary. The Rhode Island experience demonstrates that it is long past time to lay that utopian hope aside.

The truth is that these very groups are to blame for obstructing efforts to equip police to protect victims of trafficking. It is an unspeakable tragedy that women’s rights groups and even organizations dedicated to fighting trafficking are failing to understand how basic prostitution laws help officials to identify victims and prosecute traffickers.

I regret that the National Review authors are so decent to the people in NOW and the ACLU. These ideologues are not so much blind as they are unconcerned. A Libertarian champions unfettered freedom. A Liberal, in the modern American sense, champions the commonweal above individual rights with no apparent grasp of the inherent contradiction of that stance.

Combining the two ideologies opens the possibility of a philosophical license to exploit powerless individuals in pursuit of a set of uninhibited personal freedoms. Under this construct, the socially empowered take what they want with no concern for those victimized. Liberaltarianism organizes society in fundamental alignment with the laws of the jungle.

Thus, the brutality continues apace in Providence, RI. The state legislature in Rhode Island cares so little for protecting the average civilian from the rights given to the society at large. Perhaps they need a new state anthem that accurately describes how their government chooses to operate. “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns-N-Roses seems like an apt musical description for how society operates in this pimp-ridden cyst just off of Parking Lot 95.