An Open Letter To The Honorable Congressman Parker Griffith

Dear Congressman Griffith,

I understand well that you perform a difficult and vital duty for the preservation of American Democracy. I understand the value of your time and thusly do not write you today to expend it unduly on matters not worthy of immediate attention.

I humbly request that you please use your vote, your voice and all of your profound and venerable influence to postpone the vote on H.R. 3200 until at least the next Fiscal Year. This bill, if enacted, will substantially raise the barrier to success that every small entrepreneur must face when she or he takes the plunge and hangs out a shingle.

I respectfully remind you that businesses with fewer than 50 employees are what drive American job creation, economic expansion and continued growth. Furthermore, the American economy currently rests, out of equipoise, in a ditch of prolonged stagnation. Killing the goose will not encourage her to lay more golden eggs.

I also feel profound concern that this legislation will emulate the least efficient and benevolent aspects of the healthcare system that our nation currently maunders under. Our Federally mandated programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, perform least well at controlling costs and are often defrauded by less than admirable health care practitioners. I see no reason to believe that the 33 new Federal Agencies created under this bill will have any better fortune in avoiding corruption and pernicious regulatory capture.

I remind you of an observation made by John Maudlin as he attended a presentation on global macroeconomics put on by J. Kyle Bass of Hyman Investments. The world currently intends to borrow $5Tr in order to capitalize the present level of government spending already billeted this year. $3Tr in liquid capital exists, which may or may not be willingly leant.

The money does not exist to nationalize American healthcare on the timetable set forth by the current proponents of this course of action. Sir, you will lose nothing and gain greater insight and affordability by allowing the current glut of stimulus spending to be financed and out of the world credit markets prior to attempting to further engage world purchasers of debt to pay for H.R. 3200.

The additional time and study would also better enhance the understanding throughout Northern Alabama of what it is our Congress actually wants to legislate. When the over-burdened Congressman from Michigan, The Honorable Mr. Conyers, quite literally scoffs at the task of reading and understanding what this bill entails, please imagine the quandary of we, your citizen constituents. Please allow us the time to be a better informed electorate regarding this legislation.

There are many who fear that this piece of legislation will fail in its meritorious intent and leave the commonweal diminished and the health of our citizenry more perniciously imperiled. It is thus, with the utmost humility and respect that I request that you postpone the contemplation of this legislation until yourself, Mr. Conyers and the citizens of our great nation can better get a handle of what this bill actually says.

Respectfully Yours,