Canadians Should Feel Angry, Americans Should Feel Deeply Ashamed and Afraid.

I find it tough having to disagree with my own country and admit that we’re in the wrong. With that stipulated; I’m going to hate the next four years of the Obama Amatueristration with a green and bilious passion. After Janet Napolitano’s recent outburst of paranoid, wrong and retrograde thinking, my nation owes the Canadian government and people at least as sincere an apology as those we’ve offered up to Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega for our continued apostate existence on the face of the planet.

Barack Obama has hired a Secretary of Homeland Security that reflects both the ideology and the intellectual capabilities of the leadership we have elected. Cry the beloved country!

Secretary Janet Napolitano has disgraced America already in manifold ways. She is well on the way to making Jamie Gorlick appear patriotic; Joe Biden look suave and ethical and Joseph McCarthy appear fair-minded in comparison. The woman even manages to make Timothy Geithner look competent against the lush verdant background of her vastly ineluctable stupidity.

Fortunately, foreign press outlets don’t appear to be as beholden to Barack Obama as the sycophantic carnival barkers we have taking up valuable air time and space on our domestic networks. Secretary Napolitano found that to be true when she decided to needlessly slander Canada in order to help Barack Obama score more brownie points with the likes of Hugo Chavez. Secretary Napolitano’s insulting dishonesty, sprinkled with blatantly disproved 9-11 Trufferism, follows below.

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

When asked if she was referring to the 9-11 terrorists, Napolitano added: “Not just those but others as well.”

The Canadians decided they would help their erstwhile allies to the South and ask a necessary and perplexing question. The National Post did the honors with an appropriately titled editorial “The Border For Dummies.”

“Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job? She appears to be about as knowledgeable about border issues as a late-night radio call-in yahoo.

The unfair denigration by comparison of the average caller to Sean Hannity aside, the Canadians raise a legitimate question. How did this piece of garbage float atop the harbor of American governance? Where do we find these ideologically blinkered morons? Why do we not throw them back?

Even the NFL subjects potential draft picks to The Wonderlick Test. I’m sure Napolitano would register a score thereupon that would make Vince Young look comparable to Enrico Fermi.

Well, Ok. I’ll fess up. The answer to this question is obvious. Lance Fairchok, of The American Thinker Blog, explains the obvious in more elegant prose than little, old moi; blogging in a fit of righteous pique.

You see, Janet is an ideologue. She is the kind of person who will pursue ideological goals without regard for truth, a person who can be expected to reinvent reality to fit the ideological vision of the administration, which she does with abandon.

The oblivious, dishonest partisan hackery that characterizes Janet Napolitano’s entire Curriculum Vitae goes on display as she responds to the righteous indignation expressed by The Great White North.

“I can’t talk to that. I can talk about the future. And here’s the future. The future is we have borders.”

Her stupidity, snipishness, condescension and utter disregard for the gravamen of the topic at hand leave me believing that Former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau went south for a sex change and a visa. Alas, as the NHL balance of power has shifted southward to the land of electric hockey rinks amongst the livable climates, the intellect and common sense have gone up North in compliance with the old Newtonian Law.

To hear the reasonable-sounding Canadians raise their voices and point out factual data that is painfully obvious contra the bloviating lies of a high-ranking American government official hurts me. To see our government behave like this is like watching the Greeks devolve from Pericles to Papandreou. Our nation is in senescent decline.

Janet Napolitano is evidence of an American Darwinistic evolution in reverse. At least the Roman Empire generated Janet Napolitanos by drinking from leaden plumbing. The Canadians sighed and then explained the obvious to our DHS feces-chucking howler monkey below.

When challenged on her concerns, she insisted still-secret data, undoubtedly buried with the aliens at Roswell, justifies her concern. She surely must know that only 12 of the 48 al-Qaeda operatives caught between 1993 and 2001 were illegal immigrants and none of those came from Canada.

And there’s simply no comparison between the illegal entry trickle from Canada and the alien immigrant wave and drug smuggling surge pouring into the U.S. from the south. Of the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. each year, 57% come from Mexico. Just six per cent of those living illegally in the United States are Canadian.

If only the Canadians would treat Vietnam-Era draft-dodgers from the US with the inexcusable disdain our public officials have just treated the Canadians. When I think about the caliber of human detritus that our nation dumped upon Canada during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, it reminds me of The Great Mariel Jail Emptying in slow-mo.

Canada, by rights, should be furious with America for insulting their ability to govern. Ask the parents of Leigh Anna Jimmerson and Tad Mattle how well the US does with its borders. People like these grieving and bereaved parents are the ultimate customers for the “services” offered up by the likes of Janet Napolitano and the idiot-in-charge that preceded her at DHS.

If Canada has good reason to be aghast at our nation’s current amatueristration ensconced in Versailles upon the Potomac, we, the American People have reason to be outraged. After that, we should be scared. If the Obama’s, Napolitanos and Geithners that plague us today are truly representative of the best our farm system can now produce, it will not just be the next four years that will feel like a root canal sans Novocain.