Huey “The Kingfish” Biden

It seems that Senator Joe Biden wants to question other people’s patriotism. In order to manage this remarkable volte-face, The Good Senator has redefined the term in an interesting fashion. It seems paying income taxes is the highest form of patriotism.

I always have abided by the law. Doing so is good citizenship and smart self-preservation. But is it patriotism? Not so much.

This is particularly true in the case of taxation. However, Biden just can’t help flapping his gums and burning through the CO2 offsets. The man is a menace to the art of public speaking.

“We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people,” Biden explained in an interview on “Good Morning America.”

This comes from a man who himself lives in a mansion, and who can’t be bothered with giving more than $369/ year to charity. The hypocrisy is dare I say it, audacious.

Biden, however, comes by this disingenuous Bob Shrum blither as honestly as he does anything else he has to say in the public forum. It is the tradition of his party.

Senator Biden (D –MBNA) can take thousands in payola from the banking industry each year, but he can’t remain a true Democrat without channeling the Populist Firebrands of Democratic salad days gone by. Laying the repugnant autoeroticism of the exercise aside; Democrats are required by political convention to stick it to The Man.

They may mimic John Edwards and organize their Law Firms into S-Corporations to avoid paying Medicare taxes, but they still have to campaign on a platform of raising taxes on the rest of us to fund a regime of socialized medicine.

They may have two former Fannie Mae CEOs in their economic think tank; but like Senator Obama (D – Fannie Mae Enron) they still have to run adds during the election accusing Wall Street of selling us out.

Like Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, they may have approved of Charlie Rangel heading up the House Ways and Means Committee. They may furthermore conclude that the man has no ethical problems that she would consider to be serious, but still, there’s no reason to get all testy and blame her for anything that’s currently going wrong.

Clearly, this is the stuff of hypocrites and the fodder for excuse-mongering failures. However, the Democrats just can’t get past their traditional populism. They may all live in mansions with extra-special mortgage deals from Countrywide Fraud and Guarantee, but they can’t escape the idiot legacy of Senator Huey “The Kingfish” Long.

The rotting remains of his “Every Man a King” Speech can be heard every time the pandering Democrats open their dishonest yaps. The Kingfish demagogues below…

Now, we have organized a society, and we call it “Share Our Wealth Society,” a society with the motto “every man a king.”

We have to limit fortunes. Our present plan is that we will allow no one man to own more than $50,000,000. We think that with that limit we will be able to carry out the balance of the program. It may be necessary that we limit it to less than $50,000,000. It may be necessary, in working out of the plans, that no man’s fortune would be more than $10,000,000 or $15,000,000.

We will limit hours of work. There is not any necessity of having over-production. I think all you have got to do, ladies and gentlemen, is just limit the hours of work to such an extent as people will work only so long as is necessary to produce enough for all of the people to have what they need.

So there it is. The Democrats bandy about the fortunes of Croesus. They live the life of the High-binder, the Spoilsman and Perfumed Prince De Jure. But they still have to relate to “the little guy.”

It’s that dichotomy that makes Joe Biden so noxious and stomach-churning. It’s like watching the corpulent, petty Sheriff of Nottingham attempt to draw back Robin Hood’s bow. It’s not like a man who makes a solid six-figure income and only gives $369 / year to charity can lecture any of us on giving up more for the good old Red Cross.

So he invents a brand new form of generosity. In Senator Biden’s new form of patriotism you beggar that successful neighbor next door. If your neighbor does better than you do, you shake him down and mug him. For class-hating liberal activists, this is the new American way.