The Delusions of a Whinging Pommie

It seems there are those in Great Britain who will follow the example of their Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, regardless of how execrable it may be. The Honorable Mr. Brown recently told the world who he thought really deserved to win a US election.

“Around the world, it is progressive politicians who are grappling with these challenges….In the electrifying US Presidential campaign, it is the Democrats who are generating the ideas to help people through more difficult times. To help prevent people from losing their home, Barack Obama has proposed a Foreclosure Prevention Fund to increase emergency pre-foreclosure counselling, and help families facing repossession.”

Since then, Senator McCain’s campaign has engaged Prime Minister Brown with same cordial and mocking disrespect that they would display towards any other of Senator Obama’s clown show lackeys. It seems the special sauce that Prime Minister Brown attempted to apply to the US election may have damaged the special relationship.

The spin cycle has now gone a-whir with Prime Minister Brown claiming he didn’t write the article published under his own name. Perhaps this would make him the converse of Vice-Presidential Candidate, Senator Joe Biden. Google “Biden, Kinnock” if that last comment doesn’t scan.

Perhaps this affront to Jonathan Freedland’s Progressive hero explains his open bigotry towards Conservative Americans in general and Governor Palin in particular. His September 10 column for the Guardian exemplifies the quiefing whinge of the European elite as Senator Barack Obama now finds himself in a far more competitive race than was originally envisioned by “our betters” across the pond.

The marked propensity to cite Andrew Sullivan is the leper-bell warning of an elitist scum. Freedland checks that block like Juan Cole without the panache to conceal his hatred within a stolen and mangled joke.

The result is that a politician who conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan calls a “Christianist” – seeking to politicise Christianity the way Islamists politicise Islam – could soon be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

His next paragraph causes me to find the supposed superiority of European public education to the comparable American product dubious.

If Sarah Palin defies the conventional wisdom that says elections are determined by the top of the ticket, and somehow wins this for McCain, what will be the reaction? Yes, blue-state America will go into mourning once again, feeling estranged in its own country. A generation of young Americans – who back Obama in big numbers – will turn cynical, concluding that politics doesn’t work after all. And, most depressing, many African-Americans will decide that if even Barack Obama – with all his conspicuous gifts – could not win, then no black man can ever be elected president.

No, Jonathan, your side losing is not an indication that politics don’t work. Get that through your arrogant skull. As a life-long GOP voter and partisan, I think Lincoln Chafee’s defeat at the hands of Sheldon Whitehouse was an example of politics being its own best punishment. The only failure light blinking was Chafee’s survival in the GOP primary against a more conservative alternative.

If the reelection of Mayor Nagin; after Hurricane Katrina, was not a failure of American politics, than the only barometer by which Jonathan Freedland bothers to measure these things with is pure, unadulterated partisanship. To make this all the more galling, a partisanship concerning elections taking place in a country not blessed with the morally superior Jonathan Freedland as a voting citizen. No, Mr. Freedland, American politics works too well. The voters always get what they vote for; good and hard.

And furthermore, Jonny Old Brush, I could truly give a rat’s posterior aperture less what other people’s reactions to an electoral result are. Blue-State America goes into modish immature mourning any time I thrust it’s greedy, overreaching hand out of my G-D wallet. Christianize that you sniggering, elitist, empoisoned, whinging sod.

Blue-State America’s pathetic, self-righteous mourning is a despicable form of condescension rather than a legitimate expression. What’s wrong with Kansas, they ask. My only answer would be its lack of electoral vote firepower athwart the troglodytic idiocy of the masses voting in Chicago and Detroit.

And as for what African-Americans decide, when did that fall under the parlance of ex-colonialist pommies? Ex-colonialist pommies that traditionally refer to those of us more enhanced in our bodily pigmentation as bloody wogs to boot.

Freedland is either ignorant of or deliberately eliding a recent poll by Rasmussen. That would be the one that showed a hypothetical match-up of John McCain vs. Colin Powell where Senator John McCain got sunk like the HMS Hood.

If African-Americans want one of their own as President, they need to work towards the nomination of a candidate whose religious predilections don’t involve church settings where the homily of the week reads “What’s Up with the US of KKKA?” Perhaps I’m being too rough on the Christianists as I beat up on poor Rev. Wright the way he used to tear into other people’s marriages.

Perhaps Freedland should comprehend our frustration over Senator Obama launching his candidacy from the palatial estate of William Ayers. Or perhaps he would understand it more if a competitive candidate for 10 Downing Street were to enter the grand stage of British Politics from the residence of Ian Paisley. Freedland should try reading about the foreign country he deigns to hector.

Ah, but it seems Freedland feels entitled to a vote in the US election after all. He quotes Slate.com’s Jacob Weisberg who wrote the following invective against his fellow countrymen.

Slate’s Jacob Weisberg wrote recently, international opinion would conclude that “the United States had its day, but in the end couldn’t put its own self-interest ahead of its crazy irrationality over race”.

Yes, and I’m certain Jonathan Freedland calls hundreds of people in Paducah, Kentucky before he decides who he, as a subject of Her Majesty, should vote for as a PM. Again, Americans vote for the president Americans want; not the president a bunch of foreigners want. If Barack Obama would exercise de jure rule over The British Islands from the White House, I’d be more prone to care that Freedland cared who our nation voted for this November.

And of course, he wouldn’t be properly Mau-Mauing the Flak-Catchers if he didn’t end his piece with the following.

If Americans reject Obama, they will be sending the clearest possible message to the rest of us – and, make no mistake, we shall hear it.

I’ll cut to the chase here Johnny – or else what? You’ve insulted our nation on behalf of Senator Obama and now you’ve threatened us.

I may not intend to vote for Barack Obama, but I consider him far too intelligent a man to even want the type of “endorsement” you’ve just written. You, more than I, should be well aware of how well that approach worked against Nicholas Sarkozy in France.