A Conservative Comes Out of the Mist

Jonah Goldberg once wrote an absolutely classic description of how the dominant high-brow culture in media and academia views those of us who hold conservative philosophical beliefs. His article, in turns, makes me want to laugh and then want to punch the used food out of some geeky, bespectacled Beltway liberal. His article was entitled Conservatives in the Mist.

When the Conservatives “behave” in accordance with the dictates of liberal preference, they’ll throw them a bone. Jonah Goldberg describes this despicable condescension in terms better (and much funnier) than any at my meager imagination’s disposal.

i>But sometimes they even succeed, to a point. Thus, like the real Dian Fossey, they manage to saunter into the leafy thickets of conservatism, and are welcomed into a band of gorillas. They hold out the equivalent of a banana or maybe a fistful of grubs for long enough and eventually we come sniffing around. We’re intrigued by the creature lavishing attention on us. And the reporter eventually begins to feel as though he has been accepted into the band. Eventually, we conservatives grow comfortable enough around them to return to our old patterns. We scratch and fight and do our gorilla things and the chronicler dutifully takes notes. The notes eventually make their way into an article for the New York Times or The New Yorker or Vanity Fair.

“Who knew?” the readers will say over their morning bagels and coffee in Southampton or Fire Island, “I had no idea conservatives were such intelligent creatures. Why they even have the capacity for emotion and even some rudimentary forms of kindness.”

This is what liberals think of the conservatives out there in the Flyover. This is what they think about us until we get uppity. Until a few of those cute, fuzzy conservatives want to come in out of the backwoods, walk right into the elite, liberal manner and put their muddy feet up on the finely varnished coffee table.

This aristocracy of liberal philosophy has worked out a system. This system establishes the credentials a person must carry to ascend to the heights of leadership. To their mind, they’ve established a High-Pass Filter to keep the churls off the links and far away from the meticulously tended greens of Liberal Country Club America.

The credentials generally included an education steeped in secular humanism. Perhaps it also includes a career path they’ve pre-approved. It is designed to take a person out of the mundane world of normal people and into the world of this self-selecting over-class, Thomas Sowell branded as “The Anointed.”

This insidious system serves that self-selecting Aristocracy of Pull quite well. It works so well, in fact, that you won’t find a Ronald Reagan amongst the Ivy. You have to go out in the heartland, far away, to Eureka College. Maybe you have to journey further afield.

Try Alaska. Senator John McCain just has. In selecting Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate, he just bypassed, short-circuited and thereby called into question this entire bogus system designed to produce leaders that mimic a soul-dead, cookie-cutter elite.

I respect Senator John McCain immensely. He was my third choice in this year’s GOP Primary. But I don’t think he even understands the extent to which he just touched it all off with a boom. But touch it off he did.

Now, the system has to strike back. They cannot allow Sarah Palin to seen as valid, capable, authentic or in any way acceptable as a substitute for them. They can lose to “The Dyslexic Texan” who graduated from Yale after the proper “seasoning” at Andover. They may have regretted it in 2000 and 2004, but at least GWB had their chops on him.

Sarah Palin most certainly does not. She calls herself a “Bible-believing Christian.” Only at one of our bastions of “culture” or “modernity” could you find any other variety.

She found out during her pregnancy that her son had an extra chromosome. She didn’t do something about it. She didn’t get rid off it like any civilized woman would have done.

The missing context here, and one of the points that drives so many to their irrational hatred of Sarah Palin, is that she didn’t consider that unborn child to be it. As soon as Sarah Palin knew the baby’s sex, that child was him. Some choices don’t seem very appealing when we have to go back and further justify that unborn baby being an “it” all over again.

It may even rise somewhere above our highly educated pay grades. This may just bruise some egos out there. An authority exists on high, way above the level of Constitutional Law Professor; even one that sticks around and gets tenure.

Sarah Palin doesn’t have to say a word about abortion. By considering that baby of hers a human being, with God-given rights, she planted an axiom that the liberal elite cannot tolerate as part of our discourse. Trig Plain is a child, in the image of Christ, not some expletive-deleted carbon footprint.

When God-given gets sucked into the equation, those conservatives in the mist aren’t so cute anymore. Philosophical debate that Al Gore would dismissively label “settled science” gets reopened whether Senator John McCain, or even Governor Sarah Palin, ever intended it to or not.

We now, as a nation, have to figure out who is really the higher authority that directs our life. That may involve rendering a whole lot less unto Caesar than anyone on high, ensconced in the Obamacropolis, would enjoy seeing rendered. That may re-infuse our individual citizens with more liberty and more difficult responsibilities, than we are currently acclimated to successfully managing.

This election gives the American Electorate a real and difficult choice. They now have to answer a question from a conflicted and heart-broken mother. “What is perfect, anyway?” It’s a question that is easier to duck and run from. We all probably would have, if conservative Governor, Sarah Plain, had not just emerged from the mist and joined the GOP ticket with Senator John McCain.

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