Tickets on Sale Now for Congressional Democrats’ Beltway Show Trial

Hot on the heels of their taxpayers’ funded multi-trillion dollar production of Left Side Story – which featured the outré spectacle of enemy combatants being read their Miranda rights as American workers are being given pink slips – and after postponing its May debut, on June 25th Congressional Democrats are producing their self-satirizing revival of Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

Produced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, scripted by the Obama Administration, and directed by Chairman John Conyers (D-MI), this Beltway show features all of the Left-wing’s favorite conspiracy theories to smear honest conservatives, pander to radicals, and get rave reviews from the Washington Post.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

Last month, after a Republican extra on the committee set expressed concern the Democrats Beltway show trial of then NJ GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie “might appear to have an effect on or it might be intended to influence the (GOP primary) election in New Jersey,” Steve Cohen (D-TN), who landed the a starring role as “chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law,” said he postponed the persecution premier in an “effort” to be “beyond reproach.”

Now, with the primary concluded, House Democrats will unveil their Beltway show trial to smear Christie, who is now the GOP nominee to be New Jersey’s next governor. Mr. Christie’s crime? Apparently, it is leading incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corizine by double digits. Summoned for a miscasting call by House Judiciary Democrats, Mr. Christie has again been “asked” to testify on a matter the Justice Department testified about nearly 18 months ago.

If, perchance, TMZ inquired why Representative Cohen was solely concerned about being “beyond reproach” in relation to influencing New Jersey’s GOP gubernatorial primary election but not in relation to New Jersey’s gubernatorial general election, it will undoubtedly strain his Leftist publicists’ talents. After all, would fairness not dictate that the Democrats’ Beltway show trial should be slated to debut on or after, say, Wednesday, November 4, 2009 – or, most fairly of all, never?

Unfortunately, this cavalcade of political chicanery takes place against the backdrop of real people across the country continuing to suffer as the trillion dollar government “stimulus” package sputters across center stage, producing nothing but massive spending, deficits, debts and unemployment. So rush to reserve your seats before Code Pink nabs them all and hyper-inflation spikes ticket prices to this Leftist fiasco.

Really, how often does one get a chance to see the constitutional rights of honest, hardworking Americans trampled upon by this reckless Democrat Congress? Thus, I urge my colleagues, particularly those on the House Judiciary Committee, to speak out against this abuse of the legislative process for political purposes. The only review of this debacle must not be from The New York Times.

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