Hypocritical House Democrats’ Trillion Dollar Fiscal Obscenity

Unable to defend the trillion dollar fiscal obscenity they deceitfully christened the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, hypocritical House Democrats are attacking the bill’s opponents – well, just the Republican ones.

Evidently, the hypocritical House Democrats are shocked Americans are disgusted by a trillion dollar fiscal obscenity that does much for hiking artists who are trying to stop smoking and avoid STDs, but does nothing – or worse than nothing – to create jobs for working families and respect taxpayers.

Launching a series of attack ads that the Washington Post called “cheap shots,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) waxed polemic against fiscally responsible Republicans who opposed this pork-fest at the expense of taxpayers and the unemployed.

But here is what Speaker Pelosi’s spokesperson hypocritically said about the eleven Democrats who voted against this trillion dollar fiscal obscenity:

“The speaker has said many times that the members are representative of their district . . . Many of the districts are more conservative, and they campaigned on fiscal responsibility, and we understand that.”

The double standard doesn’t end there.

The DCCC also tried to intimidate Republicans into voting against their constituents and American taxpayers:

“We will continue to go district by district to hold Republicans who continue to vote in lockstep with party leaders and against the folks in their districts accountable.”

But, as for the eleven fiscally responsible Democrats who opposed this trillion dollar fiscal obscenity at the expense of taxpayers and the unemployed, Speaker Pelosi is singing a different tune. According to the Politico:

And a handful of Democrats who defied her on the stimulus, especially Reps. Paul E. Kanjorksi of Pennsylvania and Heath Shuler of North Carolina, may also find themselves shut out, Pelosi associates and Democratic aides tell Politico.

“I think the take-away here is ‘screw ’em,'” half-joked a House Democratic aide.

So this is what happens to fiscally responsible Democrats and Republicans who chose taxpayers over pork.

As for the DCCC’s misleading ads, the Washington Post also whiffed the reek of House Democrat hypocrisy:

“The first reference is to last fall’s vote on the Troubled Assets Relief Program, which Mr. Obama and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chief of the DCCC, both supported — and rightly so. The second is to a 2005 vote on emergency funds for Iraq that passed 386 to 43, again with Mr. Van Hollen in the majority — again, rightly so.”

Given the hypocritical, hyper-partisan DCCC’s opting for raw politics over working people, it is only fair for Americans to ask:

“Times are tough. Will hypocritical House Democrats air radio ads against President Obama for sending U.S. taxpayers’ money overseas to fund foreign abortions instead of keeping our money here at home to put Americans back to work?”

Well let Americans know this:

Not wanting to waste the chance to exploit people’s economic suffering, House Democrats passed a trillion dollar fiscal obscenity – the biggest spending and debt incurring piece of legislation in American history – that will harm working families and their hopes for a return to prosperity.

Fortunately, at the President’s request, House Republicans delivered a pro-growth, pro-taxpayer economic stimulus bill creating twice the jobs at half the cost of the House Democrats’ trillion dollar fiscal obscenity.

And, regardless of hypocritical House Democrats’ ham-handed partisanship, House Republicans will continue toiling to help struggling workers and suffering families again be able to pursue their American dreams.