Pelosi’s Postcard from Colorado

Dilettante Democrats broke from their convention’s hectic feting to huddle for hundreds of seconds to solve America’s energy crisis. But, alas, when these “Super Delegates of Done Nothing” emerged for the media, it was to pump mile high hypocrisy about American energy.

In sending this Colorado convention postcard to Americans, these vacationing, pro-lethargy Democrats once more insulted working families, many of whom cannot afford a family vacation.

Charitably, though, let us not hastily underestimate the publicly loathed House Democrat majority’s disingenuous undertaking, for it was also the height of arrogance.


While anti-energy zealots meandered outside, the vacationing House Democrat Majority gaggled in a smoke-unfilled room at their national political soiree to “solve” the most pressing issue impacting American families.

Oh, these whining and dining Democrats did produce enough hot air to fill a convention ballroom of “(Short) Change America” balloons. But these heralds of higher gas prices produced no bill or new proposal; no public debates; no open committee hearings; no amendments; no recorded votes – and no surprises.

Stubbornly clinging to a “maybe some of the above” political scheme, the Democrat majority of the most hated Congress in history continues to:

  1. Dismiss the will of the sovereign American people;
  2. Perpetuate a government imposed shortage of American energy production;
  3. Dictate an economically ruinous “cold turkey” from fossil fuels scam that is hurting working families; and
  4. Concurs with the Sierra Club’s dogma that America is “better off without cheap gas.”

Elsewhere, however, House Republicans continue the fourth week of our historic “Speak-In” with the American people about energy. So, while the vacationing House Democrats have yet deigned to return to work, House Republicans kept fighting for an “All of the Above” energy plan that provides:

  1. Maximum American energy production;
  2. Common sense conservation;
  3. Free market green innovations; and
  4. A responsible transition to American energy security and independence.

This common sense, “All of the Above” plan for American energy security and independence is what working Americans demand and deserve; and House Republicans will deliver it!

Now, when you’re delivered a convention postcard from the “No Direction” Democrats high in Colorado, just stamp it “Return to Sender!”