Vacationing Nanny Pelosi Sends in the Clowns

Increasing her carbon footprint hawking her little-perused and even lesser-purchased book, vacationing U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to reconvene Congress to hold a vote for lower gas prices and, instead, has issued a directive to her Politburo Palace Guard called MoveOn.Org: “Send in the Clowns!”

From disparate parts unknown, Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices descended upon my district office where – to their immense surprise – they were met by a spontaneous counter-protest of working Americans who support reconvening Congress to vote for lower gas prices.

With flags (U.S.) flying, banners waving, and shouts of “Vote Now! Pay Less!”, this hearty band of working Americans bested the radical leftists who were emptily parroting Pelosi’s support for a continued Democrat Congress vacation, outrageous gas prices, and higher unemployment.

In defeating Pelosi’s radical surrogates, this courageous assemblage of working Americans provided a stirring example of how the overwhelming majority of Americans are rising up to tell the author (nee Speaker) and her highly-paid, under-worked, unconscionably arrogant Democrat Congress a terse message: “Stop selling your book and blocking the vote to lower our gas prices!”

As the working Americans ended their counter-protest, one of them said, “If you see her while she’s out trying to save the planet, tell that Nanny Pelosi I’ll run my own life right here in Michigan without her!”

On their part, the remnants of Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices – who, you recall, once lied about General Petraeus and tried to slow bleed our brave troops fighting –

drifted off to await further marching orders on how to lie about House Republicans and slow bleed working people at the pump into unemployment.

In reality, these extremists’ time is better spent hiking off to Ann Arbor and tell the vacationing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop selling her book and reconvene her Democrat Congress to lower working Americans’ gas prices.

Now, wouldn’t that be a real change?

For more on Speaker Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices, check out the Americans for Prosperity video at our web site: Republican House Policy.com