The U.S. House Republicans' "Speak-In"

It was as unexpected as it was unprecedented in U.S. House history.

After already barely passing a resolution to give themselves a five week paid vacation, the Democrat Congress sneakily adjourned for the day in a craven attempt to escape Washington without a real vote to address America’s high gas prices and energy security. It also, they laughed, would silence Republican members from discussing America’s energy security and independence on the record after votes.

Per usual, the arrogant Democrat Congress – the most hated Congress in American history with good reason – was utterly wrong.

Vowing the voices of the vast majority of the American people would not be silenced by the Democrat Congress’ Stalinist tactics, Republicans took to the dimly lit, microphone and C-Span silenced House Floor. There, they demanded a vote to lower gas prices by unleashing America’s oil and energy resources from the clutches of the Left-wing special interests controlling Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat Congress.

Led by Tom Price (Patriot-GA), Mike Pence (Patriot-IN), Lynn Westmoreland (Patriot-GA) and Henry Brown (Patriot-SC), what commenced as a spontaneous expression of American outrage at Speaker Pelosi and her party’s refusal to hold a vote and help working Americans, soon became a historic Republican “Speak-In” unmatched in U.S. House history.

Over its course, some 50 members, including the entire GOP Leadership and, of course, the inspirational John Shimkus (Patriot-IL), raced back to the House floor – some, like Kevin Brady (Patriot/TX), literally jumped off of their planes, and others, like Mike Rogers (Patriot-MI) and Rob Bishop (Patriot-GA), who were garbed in their less than “Sunday best” – and spoke with the real Americans who chocked the chamber’s gallery and overflowed into the Democrat members’ empty seats.

Orating “old-school” without amplification, these Republicans shouted out working people’s demands to Speaker Pelosi’s Democrat Congress: “Vote here! Vote Now! So Americans pay less!”

Overwhelmingly, the crowd agreed with the GOP demand that the Democrat Congress “vote before you vacation!”; and concurred with a balding wag (Patriot-MI) who cried out, “This is the People’s House, not Pelosi’s Politburo!”

The question remains whether Speaker Pelosi and her paid-vacationing Democrats, who are captive to radical environmentalist special interests, can honor the will of the people and hold a vote on American energy security and independence. Don’t hold your breath. You’ll need it later to walk to work.Yet, as the Democrats’ most hated Congress in history persists in cheating Americans out of lower gas prices as part of a larger left-wing plan to keep gas prices high, they should remember the caution of Pete Hoekstra (Patriot-MI): “Revolutions aren’t planned. They happen.”

Thus, so was John Shadegg (Patriot-AZ), when he exclaimed on the floor of the People’s House –

“This is our generation of Americans’ ‘Boston Tea Party!’”

And with this declaration, America’s energy independence and security revolution started without Dems.

And so it will continue!

House Republicans will be rearranging schedules, flying thousands of miles, and refusing to take a paid vacation. Instead, the GOP will take to the House floor every day to ensure the voice of Americans’ is heard; there is a vote to make our country energy secure and independent; and keep America the greatest nation on Earth!

Note: Below is a best-guess listing of those House Republicans who, on the spur of the moment, were able to race back to the floor and spontaneously start America’s energy independence revolution – all House GOP members were there in spirit!

Hon. Brian Bilbray (Patriot-CA)Hon. Gus Bilirakis (Patriot-FL)Hon. Rob Bishop (Patriot-UT)Hon. Roy Blunt (Patriot-MO)Hon. John Boehner (Patriot-OH)Hon. John Boozman (Patriot-AR)Hon. Kevin Brady (Patriot-TX)Hon. Paul Broun (Patriot-GA)Hon. Henry Brown (Patriot-SC)Hon. Mike Burgess (Patriot-TX)Hon. John Campbell (Patriot-CA)Hon. Eric Cantor (Patriot-VA)Hon. Shelley Moore Capito (Patriot-WV)Hon. John Carter (Patriot-TX)Hon. Tom Cole (Patriot-OK)Hon. Mike Conaway (Patriot-TX)Hon. John Culberson (Patriot-TX)Hon. Charlie Dent (Patriot-PA)Hon. Mary Fallin (Patriot-OK)Hon. Jeff Fortenberry (Patriot-NE)Hon. Virginia Foxx (Patriot-NC)Hon. Louie Gohmert (Patriot-TX)Hon. Wally Herger (Patriot-CA)Hon. Pete Hoekstra (Patriot-MI)Hon. Duncan Hunter (Patriot-CA)Hon. Steve King (Patriot-IA)Hon. Dan Lungren (Patriot-CA)Hon. Don Manzullo (Patriot-IL)Hon. Kevin McCarthy (Patriot-CA)Hon. Thaddeus McCotter (Balding Wag-MI)Hon. Devin Nunes (Patriot-CA)Hon. Mike Pence (Patriot-IN)Hon. Chip Pickering (Patriot-MS)Hon. Todd Platts (Patriot-PA)Hon. Ted Poe (Patriot-TX)Hon. Jon Porter (Patriot-NV)Hon. Tom Price (Patriot-GA)Hon. Adam Putnam (Patriot-FL)Hon. Mike Rogers (Patriot-MI)Hon. Adrian Smith (Patriot-NE)Hon. Bill Sali (Patriot-ID)Hon. John Shimkus (Patriot-IL)Hon. Mike Turner (Patriot-OH)Hon. John Shadegg (Patriot-AZ)Hon. Tim Walberg (Patriot-MI)Hon. Greg Walden (Patriot-OR)Hon. Lynn Westmorland (Patriot-GA)Hon. Joe Wilson (Patriot-SC)