The Way Forward

Today I join millions across our great nation in breathing a sigh of relief. We nearly are out of the era of bailouts, takeovers, entitlement expansion and big government. The American people have big expectations for a return to the nation our founders envision for us. The voters have entrusted Republicans to lead into a time of prosperity. In return, our promise is to work as hard as we can.

The American people may have passed a referendum on the Nancy Pelosi’s job-killing policies of the 111th Congress, but the Democrats’ term isn’t quite over. The existing Republicans need to stand their ground in the approaching lame duck session. I voted against adjournment this September because Democrats refused to pick up the issue of extending tax cuts. They were worried about facing their constituents. Instead they scurried out of Washington, thus providing uncertainly to small businesses and families. In the lame duck, current Republicans must do everything within our power to prevent Democrat tax hikes on January 1st. Our current tax rates need be extended for all Americans because higher tax rates equal more job losses. The American people must also maintain their voice after exiting the voting booth – they can put pressure on their Representative during this time through calls, emails, and letters.

The more damage we can prevent in the lame duck session, the less we will have to work to repeal in the 112th Congress as there is plenty on our plate already. I plan to start the new term by resubmitting my bill to repeal all 2,000 pages of Obamacare. My one-page, 41-word bill rolls-back the legalese, loopholes and massive liabilities in the health care overhaul. It will remove the trillion-dollar burden on the nation’s taxpayers.

As we work on repealing Obamacare, we can defund it. We will also work to remove the unconstitutional mandatory purchase requirement. This very condition is being tested in the judicial system by 21 states’ attorney generals. I have always said health care reform is needed, but instead the Democrat’s monstrosity, I will introduce commonsense proposals like the ability to buy across state lines and measures for tort reform.

The next undertaking can focus on getting our fiscal house in order. We will start by cancelling the unspent funds in the “stimulus” and directing repaid TARP funds be returned to the U.S. Treasury. Our national debt currently stands at $13 trillion which is up $5 trillion since Nancy Pelosi took the gravel. The new Majority will work to ease our debt burdens and not increase spending measures unnecessarily. Finally, we can pass legislation to audit the Federal Reserve – a measure supported by 320 representatives but ignored by Speaker Pelosi in the 111th Congress.

We also need to hold true to procedural reform called for by the American people. We should never have to pass bills, “to find out what is in them.” Instead, Members need to understand what they are voting on. Democrats promised they would post bills online before passage. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep their promise but now is our opportunity to bring real transparency to Washington. Next, unrelated bills should not be joined together. For example, a proposal like the federalization of the student loan industry should not have been attached with the health care overhaul. Finally, and most importantly, we need to verify every bill passed is truly constitutional.

Members of Congress must remember we represent the American people and we work for them. In January both returning and new members will swear to uphold the Constitution. It is my sincere desire that the Tea Party continues to hold us accountable. This is our chance, to save our republic and reform government. We can find fiscal stability, lower taxes, and fewer regulations to result in a limited government. Thank you, American people, for trusting us to return to our founding principles. We cannot let you down.

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