Join the National Tea Party Tele-Townhall on August 9th!

As you’ve probably heard by now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called back all House Members to Washington next week so we can vote on $26 billion in more stimulus spending. While it’s being framed as money for state aid, you can bet that this “urgent” rush to Washington by the Democrats is more of a result of their precarious political fortunes this November. In fact, it seems to me like this $26 billion has more to do with fully funding union political action coffers.

Just when you thought Congress was in recess for six weeks, Speaker Pelosi couldn’t even go a week without spending more of your money.

That’s why on Monday, August 9th at 7pm ET, at the same time the House convenes for legislative business, I’ll be hosting, along with my fellow House colleagues, a national tele-townhall to tell the American people what Speaker Pelosi is up to. To take part, visit my website at www.michelebachmann.com.

I hope you will join us because this is your opportunity to make your voices heard once again. It’s time to tell Speaker Pelosi ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

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