Rushing to Overspend, Again

If the White House “misread” our entire economy back in January, should we trust it to read—and manipulate—even a fraction of the economy now? Logic says no. Yet, the health care industry makes up approximately one sixth of the entire U.S. economy, and many Washington Democrats are rushing to redesign it in the next week.

Think it won’t happen? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

The push to pass the stimulus bill was frenzied and hasty. Over $787 billion was spent before you could say “shovel-ready.”

Fast forward six months.

Unemployment has climbed to nearly 10% as stories of wasteful stimulus projects are repeated on a daily basis. Whether it’s putting skylights in a state alcohol warehouse in Montana or buying a dishwasher in Colorado with money meant for meals, stimulus dollars seem to be going towards everything except creating jobs.

Now, with only a single week to go before the August break, the CBO is estimating that despite the cost-cutting rhetoric, the House Democrats’ health care proposal will increase America’s deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years. $239 billion is an awfully large increase for health care reform that was supposed to “save” money. It’s also a lot of money to spend by next week.

Americans are all wondering how they are going to afford their health care in their budgets. Shouldn’t Congress?

It is time for liberal lawmakers to learn from their mistakes and think through their health care reform proposal before it’s rushed to the floor for a vote. Last time Washington panicked and overspent, the American people didn’t get the economic recovery they paid for. Are we going to get the health care we pay for? The answer will be “no” unless Americans speak out and make their voices heard in the halls of Congress.