Keeping the Gitmo Killers Out of America

No American family should ever have to worry about their own government placing a terrorist in their community. I have introduced legislation that would make this impossible – ensuring that the Islamic extremists at Guantanamo are not given the chance to enter our country and complete their unfinished mission of shedding American blood.

That is why I introduced a bill which can be summarized in one word – NO. We will not allow, under any circumstances, the Gitmo detainees to set foot on American soil.
Our brave soldiers have valiantly sacrificed to keep these radicals away from their loved ones and ours – now we may bring them here ourselves? I don’t think so. Convicted terrorist Khalid al-Jawari, sentenced to thirty years for an ambitious terrorism plot in New York City, was recently slated for early release in part due to good behavior. How many more terrorists do we want to set free in America?

The best and surest way to keep our families safe – and to keep Gitmo detainees from completing their unfinished mission of shedding American blood – is to keep them off of our soil. Period.