Getting Americans Back to Work

Is there any doubt that President Obama’s economic policies have failed to generate the jobs and healthier economy that they were sold on?  Ask the unemployed worker in Canton, Ohio, who is left wondering where their stimulus job is.  Ask the worker in Danville, Virginia, wondering if they may lose their job because of the Democrats’ cap-and-trade bill. Ask the mom in Fort Collins, Colorado, wondering if a government bureaucrat will one day stand in her way to getting the timely treatment that her ill child desperately needs.  Every job lost is an economic free fall for a family.  They weren’t promised a job in two or three years, they were promised immediate results when the Administration asked to borrow your money to pay for its stimulus.

Republicans have put forth thoughtful, serious, and substantive plans of action that put jobs first.   Yet, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, Democrats in Congress, and President Obama have repeatedly taken a go it alone approach.  It started with the so-called ‘stimulus.’  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Washington’s mortgage handouts punished those who played by the rules and rewarded the reckless – and sometimes illegal – actions of others.  The Administration and the unchecked Democrat majorities followed with the most bloated budget in American history, amassing more debt than the previous 43 Presidents combined.  Then Washington decided to get into the auto business.

And now we hear from the Administration that Washington needs to spend even more.  At what point does it end?  We must create an environment that empowers small businesses and American workers to thrive.   History proves that our nation’s small businesses and innovators in private industry are uniquely capable of reigniting our economy.

Our country, our families, our workers, and our children simply cannot afford to pay for their spending spree.

And people across this country are starting to realize it.  As each day passes, more and more Americans are questioning the President’s policies – understandably so.  Washington, especially now, must be reminded of that.  Leadership requires making choices – often difficult ones.  Our economy is facing tough challenges, and the Democrat monopoly in Washington offers few choices except for borrow, spend, and regulate.  I’m here today to let you know there are alternatives—common-sense tax relief; smart and necessary reductions in spending, and intelligent policies that do not bankrupt our nation.  That is why we continue our fight, and I hope everyone with growing concerns about the direction Washington is moving does as well.