Congress Must Act

Happy 4th Birthday RedState—and Congratulations on yet another successful launch! I am confident that RedState 3.0 will continue to offer readers factual and relevant information about the important issues facing all of us. Thanks to everyone who works to make this site great!

We all know that high gas prices are hurting American families and are the single biggest obstacle to economic growth today. Gas at $4 dollars a gallon is strangling our economy. We feel it at every turn, be it at the pump or when we shop for groceries. As we face a real energy crisis we need to find real solutions.

This week, we saw President Bush lift the ban on deep water energy exploration. This was the right move and has put us one step closer to being able to expand America’s energy resources and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Now Congress must act!

That is why I am proposing a three- pronged plan to reduce the cost of gas and wean our dependence on foreign oil:

  1. Exploration—We must remove our dependence on Middle East oil and become energy independent and self-sufficient. It is time we allow for exploration of oil and natural gas off our coasts, as well as in ANWR and of our domestic oil shale.

  2. Conservation—We must enact tax credits to improve energy efficiency and encourage families and businesses to employ cutting edge technology.

  3. Innovation—We must to find clean, efficient, and affordable ways to develop alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear and coal in order to power us into the 21st century.

Republicans have a plan to secure America’s energy future.