As unemployment rises, the Dept of Labor plans all out asault on business in general

Today all the headlines are unemployment is more closely approaching 10 percent. My state and county are already there and could go beyond. Meanwhile, in the midst of Great Depression Redux, the Wall Street Journal reports that the vaunted Dept of Labor plans attacking business on two fronts, and sometimes at once: sending in OSHA to pick around the edges of safety and make sure all is shipshape according to DC bureaucrats and the EEOC to be sure hiring is all in sugar plum fairy land while plotting to use subpoenas, injunctions, and arrests instead of warnings and time periods to correct alleged infractions.

Surely, no one on the right wants people slaving in substandard working conditions or being hired under false pretenses (but no mention in the WSJ about using e-verification of illegals as a method). On the other hand, the O administration has hammered business since Day One, as was constantly repeated about attention paid to the BP oil leak, abrogated contracts a la the GM and Chrysler “save”–even though favored unions like the NEA and AFT were also stiffed in states like IL and OH for their pension fund investments in the auto industries and while poking bond holders in both eyes (agreed to the US Supreme Court of all institutions), and steamrollered the Gulf states’ employment through specious bans and moratoriums on Gulf drilling and energy production.

Gasoline is creeping over $3 again and heating oil will be up this winter because we are not pumping or refining our own oil , as the EPA sues Texas to shut 16 refineries (in good compliance with bureaucratic green drones for years until the rules were recently changed out of thin air). In PA, the EPA has been hectoring developers of natural gas there, and New York State, in order to solidify its indigo camouflage, has voted not even to consider a mammoth natural gas industry developing there, because of tender environmental sympathies. All these depredations perpetuated against domestic energy production leaves us that much more insecure nationally as we import more and more from many nations that openly proclaim they hate us.

Not only do we have a political class in DC that constantly issues “Let them eat cake” dictats but also a disinterested and hubristic White House that agrees “while they freeze in the dark.”