Be Sure Your Vote Cast is Really Your Own Vote

I don’t know if true, but last week some people alleged in NV that when they went to place early votes, their voting machines were already set for Reid and the Dem. ticket.

Today, in an email from my tea party coordinator, I received a forwarded message that someone in NJ had also been faced with an electronic voting machine already set for the Dem. ticket in his/her district. She(he) also said the touch screen was loath to change the choices, altho’ eventually it did, and was also reluctant to all allow the voter to push the “cast vote” button. A poll official had to help the machine accept the vote the citizen wanted.

I do not know if electronic machines can be tampered with so they are set to produce a preselected vote roster, but whether machine voting, or casting an old-fashioned paper ballot, every voter today should be extra vigilant in the voting process as the usual suspects will be unusually active in this particularly election, because they’ve seen the writing on the wall that the unemployment tsunami the rest of the US has experienced is waving their way (talk about mixed metaphors, but it works for me).