Race to the Top Education Awards Favor Dem. Electoral States--Surprise!

The Department of Education announced the second-round winners of the Race to the Top state awards of approximately $400 million (of money we don’t have), and they turn out to be Dem. 7-4, based on electoral college votes in 2008.

NJ lost by 3 points that were a clerical error that the Chris Christie administration thought it had corrected two weeks ago by oral communication, but the drones in DC are tone deaf as well as dumb and they did not make the adjustment to the New Jersey submission.

1st round winners were DE (Dem.) and TN (Rep).

2nd round winners are DC (all Dem. all the time), FL (Dem. in 08), GA (Rep. in 08), HW (Dem. in 08), MD (Dem. in 08), MA (almost all Dem. all the time), NY (Dem. to the bone), NC (Rep. in 08), OH (Dem. in 08), and RI (Dem. in 08).

No surprise here.

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