Now, iman wants to talk to Paterson about moving mosque?

Drudge lists controversial mosque reps may be interested in talking up Gov. Paterson’s offer of state property (sticky issue there, too), but could break standoff between critics and Cordoba House intensity.

I don’t know if any one else has noticed, one of the better results of the downtown NYC mosque stories is that suddenly CBS and Drudge itself and other media are actually showing pix of the Twin Towers under attack and burning or collapsing.

Images of the Twin Towers on 9/11 are almost like porno in their obscurity and rareness of publication. The Dems. hate them. They feel every time 9/11 is brought to mind, the Reps. gain % points. The evident reason why last year, little o designated 9/11 reconciliation day or some such, in order to subvert the emotions and, heaven help us, even patriotism aroused by people viewing the most vicious attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor.

We should NEVER FORGET and the mosque dustup has at  least once again brought the pictures and emotions of that ignominious day back into memory, again. Semper Fi.