Whether o knows his ideology will never work in the US is an unsolved mystery

Obama’s hodge-podge administration of tax cheats and self promoters are mostly leftover professors, think tank escapees, former heads of various “charities” and interest pressure groups (like Van Jones), talking heads, and Clinton re-treads.

They have a faculty-lounge view of the entire world where the “best and the brightest,” which are themselves, can tell entire populations what they should need, what they should be denied, how much money they should “make,” what goods and services they should be offered, and the kind of smarmy/racist-empathetic laws they should obey. That dictatorial state would produce “equity” in all human relations, except the elites, who like some animals, will always be more equal than others.

The problem is we have seen all of this before in the communism of the defunct USSR, which spent 70 years tormenting the former Russian Empire and any other entity it could glom on, until its empty shell of an economy simply collapsed. Along with it went the captive Eastern European Bloc nations that had been shoehorned into communism and controlled socialism while literally millions were tortured, exiled, and killed in the name of a theoretic utopia.

Part of the USSRs’ (many) problems was that it could not manufacture a dependable automobile. Parts makers were never coordinated to supply production lines with materials as needed. Standardization from one Soviet to another was never completely solved. Workers, everyone at every level a union member, who had no incentive to achieve, were lackadaisical in their factory techniques. Eventually, the entire process hollowed out and imploded.

I was in the late E. Germany in Dresden in 1998, about 10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the liberation of the European communist countries. Across from the main train station was a former factory with a train in front of it. Both entities bore an eerie resemblance to a cake whose icing was melting. The train and building were slowly disintegrating and inexorably dripping into the ground.

The system o and his ideologues envision eventually always produces that abandoned train and its scenic derelict. Now, in the meantime, some few elites make off with all kinds of money, but the ultimate result is economic dislocation and debasement for everyone.

o is undercutting the law in AZ, waging civil war with the states over his “health care”–that does not work in any nation, beggaring the middle class (backbone of all countries), and endangering US national standing and our allegiances in a deliberate move to turn America into an over-sized, lumbering, but impotent Cuba. A progressive prof friend of mine once asked completely seriously, “Can’t we be more like Sweden and have universal health care?”

My response was “that on the biggest moral issue of the world in the war launched by Nazi Germany, Sweden stood aloof and neutral.” Would my friend really want the US to withdraw morally and militarily from the globe in the name of medical care? Unfortunately, that answer is yes. The people in DC now think if they can just pull this string here and that string there, America will turn into some secular heaven on earth, because the brutes who imposed all the other revolutions only failed because they weren’t Yale and Harvard grads. That most of the o’s crew know nothing of real, business-world functioning economics or how complicated an economy like the US has is beyond their comprehension. They all got straight A’s, didn’t they?

They had so many ways they were going to “change” the world. There was going to be some kind of national volunteer army (funded as fully as the military) of America Corps flunkees acting like Hitler youth. That got trashed by a mere inspector general doing his bureaucratic job. They were going to go directly to the children through streaming o messages into the classroom fortified by prepackaged lesson plans. The wingnuts fired that around the net and brought it to a raging halt. They were going to bully Israel into kowtowing to Palestinian pipedreams of annihilating the Jews, but found the Jews (whom even the Romans couldn’t control) not so easily manipulated and in the process lost ½ the Jewish vote. o was going to charm Europe into submission and lost that match at least three times over: Olympics, climate change, and the latest G20. They were going to dialogue with Iran.  I rest my case.

I think o and his henchmen’s’ biggest surprise of his brief presidency is how principled politicians and aroused citizens have stood and fought back against o’s regime. They are flummoxed as to how their legislative successes and victories taste like ashes instead of wine. Why has all of it not gone right? As o is off to promote his “summer of recovery” that is so not really happening, in FL, a state that Hillary really won in the primaries, whether the prez has a conscious inkling that what he wants for the US is not going to work and the population is never going to accept his totalitarian ideas is the unsolved mystery.