And Congress and DC just keep adding on

We’ve lost millions of jobs, millions are unemployed, laid off, and maybe unemployable, and we are surrounded by a world league of terrorists whose entire existence is dedicated to annihilating the West and especially the US, but Congress and DC just keep marching on as if it’s business as usual. That’s what lemmings do.


Congress has passed 20,000 statutes since 1789, and Congress passes on the average 300 statutes per two-year term. If Congress were adjourned indefinitely and never passed anything else for decades, we already have enough “law” to last us well into the next century. And that doesn’t even cover the rules and regulations. I cannot find a number for total rules and regulations (only annual book lengths of the FR), but I did come up with Clinton’s executive orders alone take up 50,000 pages of the Federal Register.


As to Obamanationcare, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, in the 2017-page law are something like over 5000 references to the sec. of HHW (today’s clueless Secretary Sebelius who never read the bill either) who must (and many demands are supposed to be done by Jan. 2011, and they are so far behind–you know, so much evil to practice and so little time) set up such entities as advisory committees and committee sub-committees, agencies and bureaus and sub-bureaus, so those drones can create standards for nursing homes, public and private, and dozens of various med. ins. packages and who and what ins. companies will be granted leave to offer them and what the cost will be set at and how drs. will be reimbursed and what standards hospitals must meet, both public and private, and when you can brush your teeth, yadda. Or get dead. Which numbers will sky rocket if the response to the Gulf oil leak is any indication of how HHW will handle individual medical catastophes.


So far, we already know our government is now destroying gadzillions of swine flu vaccines worth $100s of millions that were over-ordered and never administered, because the government  miscalculated how serious the flu season would be. Additionally, in NY State alone, the GAO has determined that the heating-oil rebate for the “poor” has encountered $100 million in fraud while doling out rebates to those in prison, some living the high life in South Hampton, and the dead. And didn’t the president just make another tax credit promise? The only thing done well in DC is funding the Marines and letting the IRS tear its rapacious way through the citizenry.


little o himself is busy daily issuing executive orders and his unaccounted for czars are busy creating law out of whole cloth, just like kings and dictators, because Congress doesn’t vote on their dictats. We only know what a few of these “out” laws are.


When we think of the 4th of July, we think of freedom. Congress and DC think of more.