And in NJ…

Garden state tea partiers have received permission from the state Supreme Court to present their case for recalling Senator Robert Menendez. The hearing is to break a conflict between the US Constitution that denies recalls and the NJ State Constitution that provides for them. If the verdict is in tea party favor, it can proceed to collect 1.3 million signatures needed to place the recall on this November’s ballot.

Elsewise, the Christie administration has announced that both the NJ Transportation Fund and Unemployment Fund are empty of billions of dollars ($8.4 BILLION missing from Transportation). The funds have been pilfered by pols. a la Social Security , where the money has been stolen and spent and IOUs issued to cover the losses.

Ergo, the gasoline tax will be raised (most likely) so that highways and bridges can be maintained and fixed (in a state where we just came in third from the top of states with the worst roads in the nation) and business owners will be surcharged 20% more for unemployment deductions to try and refill a fund that is already drained due to 9+% unemployment in the state.

The good news is my Congressional rep, John Adler, NJ 9, is waiting to see how many people call him before he takes a position on NOT supporting Puerto Rico as a state. It has Spanish as its official language, it has twice already voted down opportunities to vote itself a state, and I do not believe the Puerto Ricans are demanding statehood at this moment. But like Robert Kennedy, when he carpetbagged into NYC, the Dems. are discovering Puerto Ricans as a prime captive voting bloc.

So call Adler. 202-224/225-3121 and vote no on Puerto Rico.