Supposed dropping of "demon pass" in exchange of exec. orders

Obama is evidently going to appease Stupak and ilk by promising executive order(s) to ban abortion funding that is in the Senate bill. Then tomorrow the House will take three votes: one on the limits of debate, one on the amendments the House wants made to the Sen. bill, and then an independent vote on the Sen. bill itself.

In this way, House members will have some kind of “cover” for their vote on the Sen. bill because the amendments package will be voted on before the bill.

Deem and pass is being abandoned as useless, because the House cannot pass a bill and its amendments until there has actually been a vote to pass the bill and the president has signed it into law.

I’m not sure this change, as reported from the Washington Post on Drudge, is reassuring, because we might be better off if the House used demon pass and it could be challenged as unconstitutional and tied up in the courts.

But exactly why passing a mix of amendments first (that the Senate still  has to vote on) and then actually giving an “aye” or “nay” vote on the Senate bill is good for House members is iffy. Nancy Pelosi herself has said, “No one wants to vote on the Senate bill.”

This bill and its results must be so outrageous and so anti-American that we don’t even have a clue to its horrors for Congress and the president’s administration to go through such agony and distortion and utterly rabid focus to get it passed. I hope that the thousands demonstrating tomorrow will affect the minds of “undecided’s” but this juggernaut seems to steamroller all Dem. sanity and common sense.