Easter Lessons from a Stormy Week

As we move closer to the Easter holiday this Holy Week, I would like to take the time to reflect on the blessings and sorrows facing our district after the devastating storms last weekend. Since Saturday, I have travelled throughout the district, from Cumberland, Harnett, Johnston, Lee,  Sampson, and Wake Counties, and have been deeply struck by the destruction and devastation caused by these unprecedented storms.

The loss of life, property, businesses, families, and homes has shaken our community.  But in the days that followed, our great spirit of humanity and community has brought with it tales of resilience and love. Travelling the district I have heard incredible first-hand accounts of ways that, even in the midst of destruction, the hand of God covered and protected so many. 

Relief areas are being set up as we speak in Lee and Harnett counties where people can register for federal aid and supplies. To keep everyone informed, we have posted helpful information and guidelines from FEMA and the Red Cross on our website, Facebook, and Twitter so we can get important alerts to you as soon as possible. Please continue to check in to these sites for updated information or call our office at (910) 230-1910 to report new issues and have your questions answered.

As this crisis continues to unfold, I will work tirelessly along with my colleagues at the federal and state level to make sure any and all aid is making its way to those suffering during this difficult time.  The Easter season reminds us that times of suffering and sorrow are followed by a time of Resurrection.  Just as the stone rolled away on that third day, we will see the sunrise of resurrection and renewal in our community.   I hope you and your families will have a happy and blessed holiday weekend as we work to assist and rebuild from these disasters. May God bless you, our state, and this great nation.