The Republicans Must Turn Down all Democratic Solutions to the Stock Market Crisis

September 29, 2008

Today, Nancy Pelosi screwed up the passing of a bill that would have helped all Americans.  What did she do?  “She spoke!”  Also “She’s a Democrat!”The Republicans cannot vote for anything that even hints credit of any kind to the Democrats.  Try to remember, being a congressman is a job and every few years a congressman has to go through a public job interview.  A public job interview that gives people a choice between a Democrat and Republican (and other parties).  It all comes down to ‘Why would you vote for someone (Republicans) who helped create this disastrous economic situation which could destroy our country if not fixed soon?  And, ‘why would you vote for someone who did nothing to fix our devastated stock market?The solution: If you want the Republican side of Congress to vote in favor of a bill that would help average Americans and the country we live in, then you must give the Republicans all the credit for creating the bill.  Otherwise, they’ll take their ball and go home…  I mean, take their vote and go home.  Even if the Democrats offered a bill that would bring this country into its golden age, whatever you do, don’t remind Republicans, Bush and Cheney how they got us into this mess.  If you don’t pat the Republicans on the head and tell them how they did such a wonderful job, you won’t get them to vote for the bill.please try to remember.  A Republican representative in the House or Senate has only two career paths.  One is to keep their job as long as possible.  The other is getting hired by one of their friends who is one of those big executives with their big $20 million plus golden parachutes.  If the Democrats were to get all the credit for solving the stock market crisis and none of the blame for causing it, who in their right mind would want to vote for a Republican.  As well, if the bill were to be passed by Congress and it were to successfully put greedy executives behind bars and broke, there goes their cushy life after politics.A word of advice to the Democrats.  Give up trying to help Main Street.  Give up trying to save the middle class.  Give up trying to save the stock market and trying to save our country.  The Republicans will never allow it.Democrats, if you want the Republicans to vote for your bill, take care of their friends on Wall Street.  Let the Republicans friends keep their golden parachutes so they have a job when the public fires them.  But most importantly, let the Republicans take credit for any and all the solutions to this economic crises and no matter how much they deregulate, don’t ever give any of the Republicans any of the blame.  Otherwise they’ll just keep screaming “Parisan Polotics, Partisan Politics,” and you’ll never be able to trick them into helping average Americans.  G-d forbid!  Don’t hurt the feelings of Republicans or our country is doomed.  Please, Democrats, are country is at Death-Com One.  Send Barney Franks out on some serious Republican Kiss-ass Detail.

Michelle Linder