An answer to a Liberal friend AFA Korea...

As I said earlier, I doubt we do anything this time, just like a few weeks ago when the ROK’s lost that ship… This event has more coverage and is ‘strike 2’ and if the NORK’s pull some other BS in the near future, a ‘strike 3’ if you will, I’m afraid that Obama will think he has to do something even if it’s wrong.
I have little faith in the man’s ability to see global politics for what it is, and even smaller faith in his choice of advisers that would mitigate that deficiency. A leader can’t do everything well, so surrounds him or herself with people that ‘fill the gaps’ in the leader’s ‘lacks’…our current POTUS, not so much. He’d rather have ‘fellow travelers’ and folks he owes hanging with him.
You are right, China does not want a bunch of Norks going north…I don’t think Rok has the balls anymore to do it on their own…we’ve been there for so long we’re part of the countryside (and it is a beautiful country-been there and have the t-shirt) If America doesn’t do anything, the Roks will throw back, but only what they’re given…not enough to chase the Norks north.
China is counting on this, and have an ace up their sleeve…all of the debt that they bought from America.
If Obama’s filled with hubris enough/stupid enough to ‘want to teach those Norks a lesson’ he will find out very quickly that China will dictate the terms of engagement. This would not be good for any of the 5 countries (plus Taiwan) involved plus a few others that are close…not to mention the depletion of American troops that would have to be yanked from Europe and here. Those folks are most on my mind…