What we have here, is a lack of Gumption (not to mention a handle on Math)

I’ve celebrated my 10th birthday 5 times now…my whole family got together and got me one of those iPad doo-hickies.  I immediately downloaded iBooks, then went to Project Gutenberg to snag all of the titles/authors I recognized.  I like science-fiction (among other things) and here is where the “crux of the biscuit” comes in…

Before the writers like Robert A. Heinlein went over to fantasy that were still shelved in the sci-fi racks (Stranger in a Strange Land anyone?) There were the “older folks” like John W. Campbell that did “real” sci-fi.

It seems that the cut-off date was the early 60’s… Sci-fi went from a gumption, “We can do it! – through science and hard work!” attitude vis a vis “Islands of Space” to a navel-gazing “Stranger in a Strange Land” that while is a great piece of work, relies on feelings/miracles more than the wonders of technological achievement through logic.

I realize I make a weak argument for the title of this diary, as IOS was written for pre-pubescent boys for the most part, (as well as Stranger IMO) But what I’m seeing is a differential between world-views taken only a few years apart. (1956 and 1961 respectively)

But what a difference a few years made in the shaping of world-views…and what a difference a couple of days will make.  Now is not the time to sit down and read a book, now is the time to walk outside your front door, pull up your gumption, and just discuss Mathematics to your neighbors.  Discuss what you can Grok from the last 4 years of democratic control of the purse-strings.  Ask your neighbors if they are (or think they are) better off…

Just sayin…GOTV!