Actions have Consequences

Now that Mr. McCain is past his primary, I wonder now to what’s to be done.
It’s pretty much general knowledge here that he’ll go back to his disgusting
habit of blowing kisses across the aisle after November 3rd.

Perhaps that will be so. Perhaps, being the political critter he is, he might see the winds that
are sweeping in Tea-Party conservatives and decide to form a new “Gang of XX”
within their camp. He could still lay claim to the “Maverick” handle then…
I know, wishful thinking on my part.

I keep going back to Vassar’s “When Mobs Descend
and think that that’s a tool-set that would work on not only Mr. McCain, but
others of his ilk as well. If they were local politicians. National politicians
have other barricades not afforded the local ones. But I’m an ignorant Missouri
boy that thinks the tactics can be adjusted, I just don’t know how.

Shunning only works on a two-legged critter that wants to be part of the herd.
In his case, that would only work in AZ. And perhaps only in the election cycle.
Embarrassment works on pretty much any type of two-legged critter.

I’m reminded of one of John’s quotes: “Elections have consequences, my friend.”
It’s actually a corollary of “Actions have Consequences.”

My question is, how to make consequences for the actions of errant politicians
while they are still in office, and can still do more harm?

I only use Mr. McCain as an example, there are plenty more to choose from…

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