It Starts...

I just got off the phone with the Chair of the Lincoln County Committee GOP. We had a great conversation “feeling each other out” as to the depths of our respective political views, and what needs to be done with the Republican party. She’s not only aware of the Tea Partiers, but thinks they’re the next best thing to sliced bread. Doesn’t hurt that she also is active in my Church….and has a mini-tea party planned at church the weekend before the 4th of July.

This mini-tea party will have watermelon, hotdogs, a puppetshow doing patriotic-themed skits, a speaker from The WallBuilders site (Glenn Beck might have had him on as well) oh, and apple pie! Did I mention I like apple pie? <G>
Yes, I was impressed with her, and since she and I talked for close to an hour I think she was impressed with me as well.
AND! there’s a Committee man opening (since the previous guy didn’t re-file last February) in my precinct this August that the Committee itself votes on…I may have a pretty descent shot at the slot! Even though I didn’t file and go through the regular election proceedings (of which I still don’t know all the particulars)

I just want to thank VB and CW for their postings on this:


Carol Wessel-Boyer is one of us “little people” that are gonna help the sea-change that is due our country! I look forward to meeting her in person this 27th of June.