When Ron Paul Wins!!

When Ron Paul wins second place over Newt Gingrich in 4 of the 5 GOP contests tonight, it is time for Gingrich to reassess his campaign.

When Ron Paul wins over the Speaker by 3% points in most of those contests, and over 17% in one of those contests, it is time for Speaker Gingrich to close shop.

When Speaker Newt Gingrich loses Delaware to Mitt Romney after putting in the most campaign appearances, it is time to acknowledge Tampa is no longer an option for winning.

But am I wrong?  Is hope in a white, red or blue knight in Tampa still a straw to gasp onto?  Will a dark knight rise out of the foggy mess that is Romney’s lack of 1144?  If over 75% of the required delegates now allocated to Mitt Romney is no barometer of the future, then what say ye defenders of ABR?