Keep your friends close and CNN closer...

I enjoy finding out what the opposition is saying in regards to what I care about.  It helps me evaluate the competition.  I found it especially interesting tonight that CNN decided to take the night off.  Sure enough MSNBC had several articles about the GOP debate, but CNN had ZERO, nada, nothing, big fat Martha’s Vineyard zippo.

Searching for “debate” on their front page yielded nothing.  Searching for “GOP” on their front page yielded 3 articles that were old and had nothing to do with the important news of the evening.  I know the debate was Fox New’s baby, but even MSNBC showed interest and reporting efforts towards an important debate.  I just had to say that despite CNN’s liberal bent, the pure apathy towards the GOP debate was pitiful.  Even MSNBC which beats CNN hands down in liberal bias was on the ball tonight.  What the heck happened CNN?