I'm an American, Not a Bump in the Road

In 2003 in the aftermath of the tech bubble bursting, I was laid off from HP.  That was a stressful time, but since the market was recovering, I figured I would be able to find a job.  I looked for a programming job with any company.  Yet since many of those jobs were headed to India, I figured a defense contracting job may provide some security.  I found a small company that provided vehicle tracking for the military.  I interviewed and was soon hired.  I enjoyed being part of a workforce that provided a system that helped to save lives.

In 2011, we find ourselves with a burst real estate bubble due to over-extended mortgage lending forced by congress.  Consumer debt had reached all time highs and in response to new financial overhauls, banks made personal lending almost as difficult as lending for small businesses.  It became a perfect storm of value corrections and money constrictions in the private sector while the government gushed tax dollars into trying to save institutions run by inept and/or unscrupulous individuals.

In some ways, the economy is like farming.  The environment must be created that promotes crop growth and sustained production.  Technologies can be employed that help.  Yet when problems arise, the quick fix can lead to some gains, but often greater problems occur in the future.  If ignorant fixes are allowed to continue, the crop can be lost and vast damage can be done to an otherwise fruitful land.  Obama is a first time farmer who has damaged and continues to damage our farmland. 

It has taken years for most the owners of the farm to see that the short-term fixes are causing havoc and not harmony for the crop.  It’s time to fire and replace this inept farmer.  He will fight to convince the owners that he can still fix the farm.  I hope for a candidate farmer who can convince the owners of the truth.  No matter which candidate farmer is chosen, I will support the new farmer.  The more candidates, the better the chances the right farmer candidate will be found.  The current inept farmer just told me that the latest problems are just a bump in the road. 

I’m sick of this inept farmer’s poor solutions to our failing crop.  I was just laid off again in April this year.  Yet, I am hopeful as even the least of the resumes submitted for a potential new farmer is better than our current inept farmer.  Whomever is chosen for our candidate farmer, I will support!  I will work to help the owners of the farm understand that and decide to invest in fixing the farm the right way.

I’m an American, and this April, I became a bump in the road according to the current inept farmer.  It’s time for him to go.