Why BP should be reading Redstate

10 days ago, one solution to the oil clean up was floated on Redstate (pun intented).  I quote from my own post:

Take several existing booms in the field and surround the areas with the largest oil flows coming to the surface.  Park a BP Suezmax or larger Oil Tanker off to the side of the boom and run a hose with a skimming float on one end and the other end into one of the Tanker’s oil holds….  Start pumping oil and sea water from the boomed area into the tank.  Use another hose to pump sea water from the bottom of the tank back into the boomed area.  Some estimate between 3,600 and 5,000 barrels of oil are flowing into the Gulf each day.  With several pumps, they can pump 20,000 barrels of skimmed oil and sea water into the oil tanker…

On the Today show, John Hofmeister, ex-President of Shell Oil, describes an un-published idea used on a middle eastern oil spill.  Watch from 1:45.

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