The Right Thing to Do Medically

It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d jump in with the fear, uncertainty and doubt folks and see what you all thought about pushing a different agenda in North and Central America.  I lived in Central America during a mission for my church.  I lived with the people and got to see day to day life.  Back home and in Colorado for over a decade many of those memories are fading, but the Swine Flu circus reminded me of something that should be on our foreign policy task list towards Mexico and its southern neighbors.

Anytime anyone got sick in Honduras they went to the neighborhood store and purchased a bunch of small white pills.  I’ve heard since from friends that Mexico and its neighbor’s citizens all do the same thing.  They recommended these for almost every ailment along with pain relievers.   I am amazed with how our doctors here run campaigns against overusing these pills, we have never pushed such advice to our neighboring governments.  Cheap, easy to access antibiotics are not a dime a dozen, with the currency exchange it’s more like a hundred for a few pennies.

The extreme use of antibiotics in Mexico and Central American countries has no doubt in my mind created a great breeding place for all sorts of new and improved strains of germs.  Could you imagine what may have happened if the Swine flu was more virulent or had a deadlier mortality rate?  We need our government to start pushing our southern neighbors to regulate and educate their masses about overuse of antibiotics.  It doesn’t just affect them anymore.  Even if immigration is handled and solved, the Petri dish off our border needs to be addressed.

What do you think?