Don't Bring a Mitt to a Knife Fight!

As a consistent reader and sometimes diarist at RedState since June of 2006, I had to role my eyes at Erick’s anti-Romneybot post here. It was amazing how quickly the RomneyRage spread among the commenters. I’m waiting for Dan’s five part series on how Romney was against Palin before he became conveniently Pro-Palin.

Erick is right in that there are a few former Romney supporters now McCain employees who have criticized Sarah Palin. Although he goes out of his way to say that Romney is not pushing this criticism, the purpose of his post seems hell bent on punishing Romney anyway. New Flash: Romney is not running in 2012, and if he does you can punish him then. For now, please don’t tick off the 4.5 million of us GOP voters that have an affinity for the man. Some of us are Redstaters too.

I’m disappointed that Erick felt the need to add fuel to the fire of inner GOP contention right now. Only three miserable boneheads have been tied to disparaging remarks and the only big media which played the tripe is MSNBC of Obama. Erick has yet to provide more evidence of a vast right wing conspiracy. Yet, his post fostered contention from the easily irritable who dislike Romney and enjoy twisting him in the wind of their words.

Romney supporters are ready today to vote for McCain & Palin. We do not hold the opinions of these three boneheaded bots. Yet we prefer to be included in the GOP and Redstate family instead of being ostracized from it. Face it folks, we need each other.As for 2012, I’m surprised no one has commented on this nugget written six days ago (Oct 22, 2008), “Romney says he’s unlikely to run again.” In it Romney states the following:

In an interview at the Duquesne Club, Downtown, Mr. Romney answered the question several ways, and each answer seemed to close the door not only on another presidential bid, but other elective office as well.

“I think it’s quite unlikely that I would run for office again,” he said. “I gave this my best effort. My experience in politics is that the window opens rarely. It opened for me. I stepped through it, got on the stage and did my darnedest to win the nomination. John McCain was successful and I was not.”

He added that he now plans to stay active “by being outside of government rather than being inside” and, pressed on whether he was saying he would never run, called another run for office “quite unlikely.”

There you have it. Its unlikely Romney will run in 2012. If he does, I have no doubt that Erick will be the first to light up his torch and get the townsfolk ready for a flip-flop lynching for the previous article.

So what is Romney doing right now besides hiding and directing hidden attacks on Sarah Palin?

Romney was with McCain in Ohio on Monday. He’ll be in New Hampshire on Wednesday campaigning for congressional candidates Jeb Bradley and Jennifer Horn. And then he’ll take off for get-out-the-vote rallies.

He was also just on Glenn Beck talking McCain up on his economic plan.

I’m Nathan the Romneybot, and I’m voting for McCain/Palin.

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