RS 3.0 Search

I enjoy the new 3.0 RS site. It’s had a while to mature and get tweaked in speed and stability. Yet, I tried looking for a Search feature. I was confused when I found none. Did I miss a conversation already posted about the lacking Search feature?

I looked through the Archive sections and no Search…, hmm, how can I find a topic I’m interested in that isn’t a current “Hot Topic”? I may be whining, but to the admins at RedState, please add a Search feature. A silly, but quick idea would be to create a script that takes a Search string and throws it over the wall to Google with the “site:redstate.com” tag which isolates the search to the RS site. Sure, I can do this manually, but what fun is that and besides, my fingers are tired at the end of the work day.

Nathan W.